I'm feeling tired and out of the loop, but it feels like one of those situations where I should be doing something with Mastodon's outreach accounts on other platforms. If you have suggestions for what I should be doing, let me know thanks


Blog article, Facebook link, twitter posts engaging with people.


@gargron email journalists, retalk aboit masto as a user-owned way to minimize or eliminate the kinds of excessive data scavenging being undertaken.

@gargron reach out to wired maybe. They're weird and hit and hot trash but they have reach. Be publicly visible.

@gargron maybe try to reach out to EU news sources about efforts to decolonialize the internet from American tech corporations with no interest in basic human rights.

I dunno.

@gargron yes. Welllllll you really just need to get a list of names and email addresses, and the shoot the human beings on the other side an email. I don't do publicity for work, and I'm not a marketing genius. My focus is on content creation and copywriting with light marketing on the side.

You need a person whose job is doing the thing, or a firm, but they'll make some demands about analytics, and reach, and message.

@gargron the basic thing is engagement though. Calls to action, and reaching your audience, and capitalizing on things like fb and CA and being relevant.

Now is when you want to push your agenda, and extoll your virtues. Strike while the iron is hot!

@Mainebot Alright! We've found the EXACT words to give me a shitload of anxiety ✨

@gargron Sorry!
But this is how you make the numbers big! You need to reach people, and typically you need someone with an audience for that. THEN, you need to be receptive here! Make it easy for people to find their place. That's working pretty good so far, despite a lot of weh weh weh about it.

You need a message that's going to make attention on Mastodon a good thing: we don't steal data, we're decentralized, we scale, we aren't subject to CA-style mining events, we aren't a single entity.


these are all the pieces of the puzzle: you have existing content that reinforces these points, too, meaning when a journalist googles for it, it shows up. Link all the pages you have together in one place, and make it your home, so people can get around easily.

Then, come up with your central message, your reason for reaching out. Then, with that, reach out.


But the most important thing you have to keep in mind
Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES do NOT have a mouth full of baby spiders while you try to eat food.

@Mainebot @Gargron agree - there's no momentum on a Google news search.

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