Hiveway announces it's shutting it's doors

AFTER raising 108k dollars in ETH

With nothing more than a page of faces, a single blog post, a free Masto instance, a website, and a compelling PDF.

@starbreaker hahaha right?? That's like three years of income for me, adjusted for CAD.

Proof that all you need to make a buck is good copy, good design, and some loud (dumb) voices

Hiveway, going for private funding and probably under a new name, means being able to defraud investors and advertisers directly, without the elaborate hassle of trying to steal the publics cryptocurrency instead.

@Mainebot I support the mission of defrauding both those groups!

@Mainebot It's not as successful of a scam as Bitconnect. But still!

@Mainebot I'm not really familiar enough in ETH to know if there is a way to check but don't we just have #hiveway own word that they raised that much? Couldn't it either be all their wn money or a sham counter on a webpage?

@espen possible, but their target was 10k ETH. If it was a fake counter, why not meet their fake target too?

@Mainebot Because it blew up in their faces and the branding is now too soiled. Officially they hit the abort button and shutting down but I suspect they have just gone to lay low, lick wounds and rebrand. They will be back again.

@Mainebot @tomasino I wonder what it will be like when "everyone thinks/knows absolute bullshit has always been what makes the world go 'round" reaches peak

@astro @tomasino

aha, here's the trick: the bullshit always changes, and a new, naive generation always steps into it. It's been like this forever.

@Mainebot @tomasino It always looks different at a glance / on the surface, I suppose. Under the surface, at most, I'd say it's more like it's been random scam-angle combination-generator forever. It's all very repeating and predictable.

@Mainebot LOL! I read that as raising over 108K in METH.

@Mainebot i mean...they sure know how to make profit, amirite? 😂

@Mainebot Ever get the feeling you're doing something wrong?

And now you are asking yourself, why you hadn't got this idea ...
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