Vero take 


"True social"

Filled with artists and brands. It's so shamelessly the opposite of a social media platform it's nauseating hahahaha

You gotta be pretty gullible to buy their line.


Vero take 

Like wow, seriously:

You pay
To be advertised to
On an app designed to limit engagement
While they grab your phone number, encourage you to use your real name (irrelevant, because they have your fucking phone number) and sell you content you could just search for. Oh, and the subscription fee basically means they're selling your content (and everyone else's) to each other.

This is a foolish app and a dumb idea and a waste of tiiiiiiime.

The end.

@Mainebot The real name thing isn’t irrelevant. They want to know who to ask for when they phone you.

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