a dissertation on the effects the fediverse would have had on Plato's cave had it been integral to Plato's life


Plato's response to Remix Culture and it's direct attack on the platonic ideal




whose name means "the best purpose",

drops his album "The Use of my Time" and calls out his one-time teacher on his hot track "the perfect burn":

Your lessons have have value like my bowels pass gas / your platonic ideals just can't last / this burn's so sick your best idea's a dream / my essences rise off your corpse like steam

Step up son it actually takes me too long
To school you on things about which you were wrong
You treated the women like separate species
Less teeth? Colder blood? - Bitch you have issues.
There's one thing I know came straight from mud and earth,
Your beard, your mom and your shitty verse.
You figured the Earth is a center of space,
That heavier objects fall at faster pace,
Don't know shit about physics, man you are disgrace,
I regret ever knowing you. Get out of my face.

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