@Mainebot i spent hours downloading all 30GB of Apex Legends the other day just for them to say that my processor hadn't been coded for. Plenty capable of running the game, it's just too old for them to let me play their precious f2p cash grab with it

@Mainebot drives me nuts. I remember a friend showing me a be os demo with a 3d rotating cube, where each face was a playing video, all on a P1...

@Mainebot IMO: you create your own personal hell by tolerating software like this.
If you stick to tex2page/infotex generated HTML pages you don't have to put up with this kind of silliness.

@Mainebot that very conundrum has been bugging me for years. I thinks it because of all the API layers we use now days.

@Mainebot You see, everyone I see that I want to murder people which is not very good. You can have a website that is lead and classy and also is like 50KB with less effort than the convoluted mess hafl of the jackasses we call graphic designers generally design.

people have forgotten vector graphics in web and that is very sad

@Archivist @Mainebot Is it STEMlords shitting on designers time again? 🙃

@Archivist @Mainebot ridiculous cpu intensive compiled JavaScript single page app bullshit is not the fault of graphic design. Get real.

@bulkington @Mainebot Why do you need that javascript in the first place? Why do you need all those stupid animations? why do you need those single page apps? All of this is for the show and the fanciness, not for making the site accessible or more usable.

A large bunch of those SPA are not even accessible to blind people or to people with bad internet connection.

Also why do you need 100MBs of pictures for a parallax background and 5 logos?

@Archivist @Mainebot my buddy, it is not graphic designers making those choices, it is technical people.

img desc 


1. Picture of a real circuit board.
"1990's: We managed to compress this fully polygonal 3D game complete with textures and audio to 1MB so that it can be run on this 20MHz machine with 128kB of RAM."

2. Picture of abstract circuit-like glowy decorations.
"2018: This flat colored Web page with an animated GIF and text requires a 3.0GHz quad-core machine with at least 8GB of RAM to scroll smoothly."

So true! Back to the basics as simple as it is.

The fact is that most of the software are based on the same libraries, commonly shared and free to use. It enables to "reuse the wheel" to save time (and money).
Most of the time, these integrated libraries are overpowered regarding the final use of the soft. But with more computational power does not come more responsibility.
Back in the time, each part of the soft where designed only to fit to the need, due to the computation limitations.
That is why it was optimised.

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