A video of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun striking the Earth’s magnetic field, pushing it in and bending it.

@yogthos One of the plans for colonizing Mars is to somehow build it an artificial magnetosphere (not really wrapping Mars, but in front of it), but parking a giant dipole magnet in orbit at its Lagrange point between it and the Sun

Things like this hitting Earth's magnetosphere makes me wonder just how strong that magnet has to be to do any good against something like a coronal mass ejection

@cypnk oh yeah I saw a proposal for that before, and that's a really good question. Seems like you'd need a huge amount of power to withstand something like that.

@Mainebot @yogthos Ah, that's quite a bit more elaborate. I was thinking this one of parking a magnet at L1, which could work as a first step to a more permanent magnetic field generator in orbit


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