halfway through building kde plasma on my pinephone after failing last evening due to a missing dependency, build dirs are taking approximately 50% of the 32gb emmc storage in the phone.


apparently I was missing some of the needed qt5 libs, so firing off attempt number three now


you are putting a lot of work into something, for someone who doesn't seem like the phone-calling type

@Mainebot despite having a fantastic phone voice, I do, indeed, dislike talking on the phone. however, the bits that I'm putting time into are the bits to make my phone more computer-like, rather than more phone-like, so I consider it time well spent.



correct me if I'm wrong, but the chief problem I see with the state of things doesn't seem like that you can't get it to a computery place, it's keeping it working once you get it there. And like, fiddly UX rules.

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@Mainebot yeah, it's currently a bunch of both of those in differing amounts depending on your starting point and the day of the week. but it steadily getting closer to what I want so onward I plod

@djsundog good luck, I too like the idea of an open source ipod touch

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