The real shame is that more of the fediverse isn't Canadian

@Mainebot Did you make a Mr. Dressup joke nobody appreciated? Because I know I have :(

@erinbee no, but I'm positive I made an under the umbrella tree reference that vanished into the ether

@Mainebot If they can't appreciate Iggy Iguana, then fuck 'em

@Mainebot The only Team Jacob that matters, tbh.

(Also, I just looked it up and there were 280 episodes? Whoa.)

@Mainebot There's not much info, but I am going to trust the WikiFur article as a solid source:

@erinbee well that would be the authority I think.

I feel like my top three children's programming items would be umbrella tree, the classic mr. Rogers, and the price is right.

@Mainebot Drew Carey kind of ruined The Price As Right as a kids' show. The vibe is way less fun.

@Mainebot whoa, we're all here. Just out for a rip on the fediverse are ya bud?

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