Hey internet friends, I want a decent pair of bluetooth headphones with some level of isolation. Not looking to spend a lot.

must have good sound
must be affordable
would super prefer if they didn't look like janky gamer garbage or have stupid tribal patterns or anything on them
decent battery life is plus too

I'm old, and I take the bus, so if they look tasteful as well, that's a huge bonus.

boost for vis please

@Mainebot Probably on the high end of affordable, but worth snagging on sale: Jabra Elite 65t headphones are pretty cool looking and do some cool tricks like nois cancellation and recharging when you put them back in their box.

@Mainebot Do you want earbuds or headphones, and what's your "affordable" range? I know the later is different for different folks.

@lilithsaintcrow headphones, not earbuds. And ideally less than a hundred bucks.

@Mainebot She bought a pair first, and liked them so much I followed suit. I wear them while writing, she while moving around the house or watching stuff on her phone. She likes the noise canceling, I haven't tried that feature yet because I need to hear the dogs.… - these last two days of my commute/work day, feel good, and were stupidly cheap

I'm very happy with a pair of Sennheiser PCX550.

I have a pair of TaoTronics BH22. They are Bluetooth, with noise cancellation and the battery lasts one day (I work 9-18 and listen pretty much constantly).

You can pick them up for roughly $60, I'm very happy with the purchase.

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