Windows 10 isn't an operating system on your computer anymore. This characterization applies new laws to it, distinct from former versions of windows. This is a read, for sure.

@jackofallEves @Mainebot If you ever need help with something, and don't want that help served in condescending tech-bro format, ask me 😊

@MadestMadness @Mainebot tbh ive used... i think it was ubuntu? before but i just slumped back into windows because *gaming* or something

@jackofallEves @Mainebot Same 😅 It's difficult to go without Windows for playing games, but I use Linux as my daily driver for everything else 🙂

@jackofallEves @Mainebot I just installed #Linux (Ubuntu specifically) last night and it was genuinely not painful.

As someone who used to run it in like 2006, I was stunned. Real tutorials? Things just... working? A full app store? The hell????? Things work now, for regular people? They WANT me to use it? :O

@Cobalt @Mainebot ye I used ubuntu for a bit back in like 2014, pretty painless as long as i didnt want to play games or use windows exclusive software, i just got depressed and slumped back into windows for the mindless steam gaming

@jackofallEves @Mainebot Steam exists on Ubuntu now and almost all of my games are allegedly Linux compatible! I know Steam runs just fine at least and only a couple of much older games didn't show up when I filtered my library by OS.

The only thing I'm concerned about is if I want to run iTunes for my TV season subscriptions, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

@Cobalt @Mainebot yeah ive heard excellent things about linux as a platform(s) and steams investment in it


I've heard that way more games run at almost native quality with Steam's new magic software

@jackofallEves @Cobalt

I think GoG has some better linux options, and steam too, than either did a few years ago.

I don't like the linux counterparts for the tools, and lack of alternatives for some, I use to work. But, honestly, making the switch is just looking more and more like the only reasonable act.

@jackofallEves @Cobalt @Mainebot

I have some good news for you about Steam gaming.

You can play Windows games on Steam on Linux now.

I don't have a Linux machine capable of playing games, but it seemed to work way better than Wine on a test VM.

@jackofallEves @Cobalt @Mainebot
I second this. Proton is pretty good, and they plan on rolling out official support for more games over the years.

@Cobalt @jackofallEves @Mainebot

installing just regular vanilla ubuntu is less hassle than installing windows. not even joking.

there’s tricksy shit but only if you’re doing something unusual

@Cobalt @jackofallEves @Mainebot

I have never installed Ubuntu from anything other than the 64MB-ish mini.iso, and I've only ever had problems with my Ubuntu machine because of things I specifically fucked up.

None of this "your computer rebooted because Flash Player was out of date in a browser you haven't used since the day you installed Windows 10" stuff.

Just a protip: if you're manually setting up btrfs, make sure /boot/ is not allowed to be compressed with zstd.

@Cobalt @Mainebot @jackofallEves just take care with app stores, the GNOME one has had a *lot* of issues

@tay @Mainebot @jackofallEves I can see that many of the apps have under "updated" just "NEVER"

I noticed this when I saw that they still have Pidgin on there. Like. Really? I can talk to my friends with AIM? Amazing! lol

@Cobalt @jackofallEves @Mainebot the main issue is that GNOME's software center has completely destroyed systems and had some security vulnerabilities :/

@tay @jackofallEves @Mainebot Thanks for the heads up! So far I haven't installed anything other than really common mainstream stuff and it's gone okay but I'm glad to know this.

What process do you suggest as an alternative?

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@Cobalt @jackofallEves @Mainebot of course! if you ever need anything, feel free to hit me up! i know the apt, dnf, yum, and pacman package installers, so if you have any trouble with one of those i can probably help :)

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@Cobalt @tay @jackofallEves @Mainebot Just putting this out there, Linux Mint is very user-friendly for people new to linux coming from Windows. The desktop interface is similar to Windows 7 and there is a user guide and friendly forum if you need help.

@leadore @tay @jackofallEves @Mainebot Mint and Ubuntu were my two top candidates, but Ubuntu had an easier setup with a better tutorial.

Mint wanted me to do some ISO verification steps on my own while still on Win10 that I didn't have the patience for. I wanted it to just go.

Ubuntu's interface is more different tho. So neophobic ppl may find the extra setup effort worth it for a familiar environment.

@Cobalt @tay @jackofallEves @Mainebot
You can skip the step to verify the ISO if you want. :) It's just to make sure everything downloaded OK.
On the Mint Download/Documentation page, you can scroll further down and get the full User guide pdf, which has much more detailed/user friendly installation instructions in it.

@Mainebot Where's the screenshot from? Can you provide an URL if there's any, please?

@Mainebot Windows is a digital hell that enables you to seamlessly experience an unending torment you will never be truly free of.

@Mainebot it's funny how fake their statement is since i already went in and blocked their tracking, use a local account, and completely disabled automatic updates without any (unusual) problems

i'm sure there's something i'm forgetting to do here, but it's still just a standard windows os with tacked on ms saas stuff

"key components are cloud-based so we have to track you" is such a lie in every way

@xenon @Mainebot

AFAIK with just a local (or active directory) account and not being signed into an MS account systemwide, most of the "tracking" is just software metrics and debug information -- stuff MS has been sending themselves for at least the past 15 years.

Though, up through 7 the metrics part (windows improvement program or whatever) had an off button, I don't think anyone ever looked to see if it was actually did anything.

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@Mainebot jesus christ listen "cloud" just means "another computer somewhere" it's not goddamned magic

operating systems that employed thin clients and mainframes were still operating systems. i hate the future.

@Mainebot reading the answers, I am always stunned how many people still use Microsoft and wonder how they manage to work with it. I use Linux for more than 2 decades and putting my hands on windows is always so painful. I can't find my tools, can't find my marks. Used to add that I can't find my money. Guess I will have to add I can't find my privacy either.

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