Every mastodon instance deciding to go invite-only because they're scared of new users being bad people is just nationalism with furries.

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@Mainebot I know wubrg is invite only due to having spam issues. They will give out invites to anyone who asks though


"This community doesn't need bs from (insert any instance they disagree with) because they allow (insert questionable practice of a few) so we silenced them"

@Mainebot iiiiii mean, that other thing i've billed as basically vampire rules is whitelist based / awoo or BGP or whatever style, so i mean... yeah. 🤷

there's a difference between kicking people out'a your house and deciding who comes into your house. imo. 🤷-intensifies

@bobby_newmark no, I get that but you're splitting hairs at a certain point, and I feel like it's less the rule imposed that bothers me than people acting like they aren't literally acting out the nationalist impulse.

@bobby_newmark when we all get scared and immediately jump to shutting the border and acting like our culture has been poisoned it doesn't matter if the means of isolation are vampire rule or timed gate or whatever; we've started on something much worse.

@Mainebot yeah, i suppose.

i guess the instances i've mostly been on are all.... small enough ( and of a dynamic such ) that it's more.... idk. "this is our house" vs "this is our city, or our country, or whatever?"

but, yeah, a shift in that regard overall --- especially on larger instances / the previously open fediverse is,... yeah,... different. 😣

@bobby_newmark moving down the population it's like

a state
Living in the city
Moving to a town
Parking up in a small neighborhood
Living in a house in the woods

But at every level it can get ugly. Nationalism, to city state isolationism, to outsider shunning, to local pride, to putting up a big fence.

The message, 'conform or be removed' is aggressive. There are behaviors we want to encourage and those we want to suppress, but taking that too far? Afraid for 'your' culture? :blobsad:

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