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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

Is fake moon theory still a conspiracy people believe in?

I want to imagine a 9th century druid deep in the woods just fucking headbanging to the sound of a mountain collapsing

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Heavy early Elder riffs are something to aspire to


This is a good album. The tags they use are electronic idm ambient glitch industrial soundtrack Bath and honestly those are pretty accurate.

The 2nd Eunomia newsletter is out: "The challenge of the Infodemic"

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Yeah I definitely fucked up the shaping of this bread today. Didn't get nearly the spring out of it I was looking for.

No amount of hard work, no number of promotions, will ever suddenly open a door that will lead me to something more than what I have now.

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did a little research and just saw that what I'm making now is median for the role. Considering the cost of living in the city is out of control, and ownership is already impossible, I've seen that at no point in my career will I ever be able to own something.

nice and rainy today, really low clouds. Wish I didn't have to spend the day or the rest of my life doing this godawful work.

Listening to early Elder

Spires Burn/Release is a solid album. Two long tracks that feel like a bookend to their latest album.

If americans don't spend america day buring down police stations and toppling statues I'm gonna be really disappointed

Also I have to work today
burn this whole fuckign thing to the ground

ha haaaa, fucked up shaping my bread before its second rise this morning.

Anyways I uh read the news and I guess I don't say 'good luck america' enough.

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