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Hello, I'm a local opinion-haver and bad-post-maker, they/them person-exister and flighty hobby-avoider.

I don't work in tech, I don't code, and I am not smart enough to do either. I'm a writer and editor mostly, and work in marketing. No, you don't really know much about marketing. No, it's not just digital advertising.

Other things: I'm and but keep your propaganda to yourself.

Things I like:

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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

Someone just had an 11pm depression bath. It was me I did it.

i wish I could express myself clearly, to the depth that I'm experiencing whatever this is.

do you ever just randomly microwave things because you just badly need to eat something else?

I think it would be cool if I could develop and maintain social connections without immediately feel the overwhelming anxiety that comes with knowing I cant and likely will let them fall into total social disrepair

Eating chili shirtless in my kitchen while listening to beerwolf. My hair is long and unkempt and I'm 16 cans of light bud away from being loathesome

Weirdest memory of this album: getting Reiki energy work done with a head full of acid while this played on my chest.

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