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Introduction post v2 

Hello, I'm a local double-gay bad-post-maker, trans mess and all around garbage dilettante.

Despite being trans, it may surprise you to know that am not a programmer. In fact, I don't want to program at all! Computers are terrible things. What I do is much worse, don't worry. I probably know a lot more about marketing that you do.

Other things: Fuck the state. I don't believe replacing one state with another will ever be a solution that lasts. Blah blah blah spare me your takes I don't care. Please don't bother quoting theory at me. I am not in support of current states or future ones. Fuck them.

Fuck the police. This is dreadfully obvious.

Fuck capitalism.

Things I like:

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Espresso (+gin) and tonic 1/5 

First y'all need espresso. I do this:

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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

good morning. in 90 minutes I'll be going into surgery.

also good morning
also how does one exist at 5 am to get cut open at 630

I know the U.S.A. has a strong reputation for roadside attractions, but Cheadle, Alberta, Canada just put in an offering that's going to be hard to top. Allow me to present the world's largest (17ft.) Cheeto statue, complete with finger dust. I feel humbled just looking at it.

Ive been dancing to jazz all morning and queued up some Herb Alpert to do a little makeup.

@CobaltVelvet hey can i rename my account or do i need to transfer to a new one and lose my highscore?

only 2,922 more injections until my transition is complete

re: fandom and its predictable spread.

Stop visitng the sites. Stop following your faves. Stop buying fucking games! Set up a webring with friends and do your own reviews and dont step into the AAA space until subscription services and price gouging and desperate remakes die. Stop doing the whole thing until these companies bleed out. Your favorite lil personalities arent worth supporting if this is who theyre supporting.

im a big girl and gave myself the stab and now i want praise and kisses

ok i have eaten the enormous cake brownie and drank the coffee. Its time to stab myself with hormones and take meth.

its fuck around o'clock but i turned my alarm off so i will never find out

its been almost a year to the day since I streamed last

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