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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

No shitpost is really a shitpost if it can get one like, boost, or reply. Then it becomes treasure.

Canada speaks just as much English and twice as much french! We're basically already neighbors.

Hey EU
With the Brexit chugging along maybe it's time to consider replacing the UK with a younger, cooler, bilingual country with nice-looking money and manners.


What do this early in the day
Except listen to music and
Oh shit the anxiety showed up. Nevermind.

(Christ it's early)

_ensnare_ - Trancesaur

Love this track a super lot

Idea flickers
A candle catching a draft
Punished for its need

Where dreams and nightmares dance

Costco in the slowest possible moment

My drone kit Show more

My drone kit Show more

do you think eugen kisses every mastodon t shirt that gets bought, before it gets sent out

even though eugen doesn't send them out

do you think he like flies to where fulfillment is and does that since it's on another continent


actually an okay album

Ok, desk is tidied, rearranged my drawers a little too.

Now, organizing my phone music because the app ruined my id3's. This basically involves recopying everything over like a chump.

If you're an engineer who's angry about what self-interested parties did to phrases like "Agile," "microservices," "SOA," and even "SCRUM," then just wait until I tell you about the history of phrases like "social justice," "triggered," and "socialism."

Costco today
Tomorrow, we ride to Gondor.