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Hello, I'm a local opinion-haver and bad-post-maker, they/them person-exister and flighty hobby-avoider.

I don't work in tech, I don't code, and I am not smart enough to do either. I'm a writer and editor mostly, and work in marketing. No, you don't really know much about marketing. No, it's not just digital advertising.

Other things: I'm and but keep your propaganda to yourself.

Things I like:

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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

laying out stickies on my desk for a bunch of different 'projects' I want to get around on. Some use a drill! The rest just cost money or mental health.

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Then it's just frozen pay that doesn't rise, becomes more and more inadequate as cost of living continues to explode, and demands more and more time and effort with no mobility. The only movement is sideways into the same job somewhere else where maybe you get a better chair and an insignificant raise.

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Every marketing and copywriting job I look at is nominally a specific role, but the actual descriptions are hunting for people who are going to do every role. It's not just writing, it's just bulk marketer. Bonus points if you can do graphic design work.

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The longer I think about it, the harder a time I have imagining a role in a business that even implies career movement anymore. If you aren't state or police, it feels like everything has ground to a halt.

Why windows 11? Does it do a single thing that windows 10 can't, or couldn't with an update? I don't understand the premise of the release other than trying to force laptop sales

kinda fucked up that when I log into my google calendar, firefox detects and containerizes it as an amazon thing.

writing freelance nightmare 

this is a fucking horrible future (its now. Now is horrible)

1000 descriptions x 100 words = a long fucking novel worth of writing.

Average bid: 784 dollars.

This is beyond offensive. This is hell.

I don't have an xbox gamepass but the more I hear about it, the more it sounds like Netflix for games. I can't wait for it to be utterly packed with total crap like netflix.

ell oh ell, ars technica.

An article about alternatives to google photos, that spends 50% of the article heaping praise on google photos.

kiss my ass Alex Kretzschmar.

Cool that Pixelfed got a single sentence of recognition though.

ok coffee is on and I am almost ready to experience the terror of existing

It's Thursday morning allegedly. The last day before the heat gets really unbearable. I'm enjoying this morning coolness as long as I can because I won't be getting it for a week at least.

I will not confirm nor deny that I work for #Taco Bell.

Ok did a bunch of sanding and filling and stuff, I'm gonna do the rest of *gestures in chores*

Me: won't get a tattoo because a fear of permanence

Also me: ok let's grow tity

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