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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

oh hell, I don't think I've really eaten much today. Might explain the shaky.

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like... I feel that the parts are all here already. The tools exist. There's no big invention that needs to happen. It feels more like a negotiation of UX.

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And if I want security, just cook in some sort of limit on seeders/peers, or some internet magic I don't know. Maybe cook in 7zip support and force a password on the file.

On the face of it, I wouldn't trust it for personal or important files, but if I wanted to send a big movie? Or music? Or art? Something like that, I feel like this is a solution.

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someone needs to put together a firefox plugin to manage drag and drop torrent seeding. I wanna send a file to someone, just drag/drop into this firefox box and it generates an anonymixed magnet link I can send to someone to grab it from me with a bittorrent client.

this project is stupid and I feel like a monster for working on it

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ok I had a beer and let me tell you
I still don't want to work

ok lunch time. Going to uhhhhh go buy some beer I guess. And then vacuum the apartment.

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Here are 33 presets for a #Synthesizer called #Helm. You'll find the essence of #house #music in 33 #presets, including basses, plucks, pads, lead and some noise.
The presets are CC0, entirely free to use, bundle, distribute. You owe me nothing, not even credit. There is no wall, and I won't ask anything from you. It's free.

And here is the #synth:

And when you'll want to release your #music, write me a message if you want a solid #mastering.

I don't want to work
i want to sit here like a useless fucker instead

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Does anyone know anything about Oregon State University and Corvallis, OR?

They've got a job opening that I think I'd be *perfect* for but I know *nothing* about what parts of the US are what, and which parts are scary and rural and which parts are like Seattle.

just click the button in google that says block/spam/unsubscribe and fuck offfff

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people mad at me and waving a v impotent 'this is a GDPR violation!!11' at me because they have their email settings so restrictive they can't click an unsubscribe link in an email they signed up for willingly.

dude, even if it was, you got no ammo.

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