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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

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Just keep looking up, you still have your dignity.

Vancouver, BC

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Scully worries about shapeshifting. Smoking Man forces Scully on a road trip to Denver.

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I finished the confusing beer. Verdict: I don't like it. It's too sweet, and the smoke builds up until it tastes like a campfire in a bad way. It needs more subtlety and less honey.

The first thing I said was: Whoa, that's weird!

S&O doppelbock limited release
Beechwood Smoked Honey

It's sweet
And smoky
And not bitter at all. This beer is confusing and drinkable and delicious. I keep going back thinking it'll be less confusing, but it's not. Everything about this is soft and warm. Very not-hoppy.

Aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels and sloshed with gooseberries!

Steel and Oak: Meander
Blonde ale (more like a sour)

It's tart and feels like a white wine, but it's punchy like a beer. Crisp finish, full front, and strong. This is a nice seasonal surprise!

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one always speaks the truth, one always lies, and one says whatever he fucking wants. Who's gonna stop him? He's Reggie Fils-Aime. Get out of his way.

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NEW FOLKS: you should also know that you can turn off boosts from a certain person if you like their toots but not the stuff they repost.

(You can also turn off reposts completely in the web app, but it won't carry over to other apps.)

A timely local beer in preparation for the great brawler of our time!

Super Smash Brewers 2!
Is it possible for something to taste like a brewer? This does. This tastes like a Fuggles regular with a little more pop. I don't know if I like it or hate it, but I sure am going to drink the shit out of it!

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bumper sticker that says “honk if you’re jesus”

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