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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

Anyways, I'm ok, and I know the stuff I got rid of is ok, and the people who took it are so happy about it I think I genuinely made their day, so I know its all going to a good place.

A couple came by and took my old chair and record player and were super stoked to get them, and like
That's ok
And I don't need them
And honestly I haven't used them in some time
But I liked them
And I miss them
Even though they aren't even that important.

I can't be the only one who's unbelievably sentimental about inanimate objects

Three of us are all wearing the shirt of a powerful first lady.

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to count the real numbers of all passing tomorrows and weep at life's true brevity

Protect more with Lastpass

Protect your broken heart
Protect your vulnerable desires
Protect your shameful habits
Protect your soft skull
Protect your blood
Protect your dreams

Eroding the boundaries between the real and the astral, a space without form or function. Is this real? Is this hell? No one knows; a purgatory for your corporeal form to persist while the universe succumbs to entropy around you and the gears of industry destroy what little future you dream may exist for you.

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meta, block candidate 

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Anyways if anyone in Vancouver wants this stereo record player, pitch me an offer, or just like..
Ask for it. I might just give it to you

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I just noticed my new business cards actually have my direct number on them now :O

having a rare moment where I'm looking at the work of my peers and thinking 'fuck these chumps, I'm g o o d'

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greedy decoding from random samples at epoch 12, just at the right point before the model started to collapse. these are actually sorta... breathtaking?

How many trained bots do you think it would take to condition an impressionable community into self-perpetuating a toxic and compromised praxis?

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