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Espresso (+gin) and tonic 1/5 

First y'all need espresso. I do this:

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Introduction post 

Hello, I'm a local opinion-haver and bad-post-maker, they/them person-exister and flighty hobby-avoider.

I don't work in tech, I don't code, and I am not smart enough to do either. I'm a writer and editor mostly, and work in marketing. No, you don't really know much about marketing. No, it's not just digital advertising.

Other things: I'm and but keep your propaganda to yourself.

Things I like:

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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

It's a really quiet night now. There's a window in the rain and I'm making some hot chocolate before sorting out what to do with myself. Maybe make some popcorn, do a little more tidying in my room.

If I come out to one more person who utters the phrase 'living your real truth' I will detransition in a fireball and leave only ash.

u ever just... divide your country's total annual GDP by its current population?

Streamed like 3+ hours of rock band, including all of 2112 and a bunch of 90s hits. Taking two advil beforehand really saved my wrist!

Putting a capture card through it's paces. Rock Band and (maybe) more! What's a "copyright" "Strike"??

How many times do we have to retread the paths behind us to finally discover what lies ahead? For some, never, and for the rest I give my heart to you.

lmao just messaged someone I haven't spoken to in a good while to catch up and connect. I am the most obnoxious person.

cw'd for eye contact and old selfies

Microsoft swiftkey : a keyboard that has a shortcut to delete all text right next to the period and yet has no undo feature or setting to disable mass delete.

I don't know why, but I feel extremely lonely tonight.

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