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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

I don't want nice things anymore
I just want to not feel like my insides fell out and all that's left is a void that, no matter how deep I breathe or desperately I fill it with distraction, consumes my every moment and promises me an end with no resolution at a time not of my choosing.

Fuck, I really want a hot dog.

Hot tip, developerz

Instead of making things
Just make everything look like this
I am I N T I M A T E L Y familiar with this progress bar.

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🤔 if the #Sense8 finale is June 8 then I should start rewatching the rest of the series mid-May sometime

Also if the finale isn't ten hours long I'm going to be quite disappointed

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Apparently Instagram is adding a data export feature for GDPR-compliance... So if you're building an Instagram-esque ActivityPub platform, there might be some value in adding an import function :thounking:

I can usually tell where my head is at by how well or poorly I perform in Caves of Qud. Having a really hard time getting past Joppa today.

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Remember when everyone was excited about emoji?

WHat's killing me is finding work that wants far more years of experience than is necessary, and paying 25% less than I was making. It's such a cut in pay that if I took it, I'd really fuck up my EI claim.

Looking for jobs, and there are even fewer than when I was first laid off 🙃

Good morning frenz
I had a dream about clockwork computers shaped like little skulls made of metal plates and gears, customized by the people who built them.

I just love these colours.

Looking forward to having this thing be done tho.

I'm trying
But your world can be so
fucking frustrating.

@vantablack I can always tell when you get home because suddenly my timeline explodes with retoots.

Let's see if an equally awful acronym installer suits me more

Wiped my rPi for the 4th time
Abandoning NOOBS
Probably could have spared myself a lot of irritation if I just did this the first time.

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So, it turns out the best way to get me to learn something is to make it someone else's problem for me to fix.