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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

Every time I get frustrated at how slowly something is downloading, I compare it to the first time I had a "broadband" connection and experienced the thrill of 60kbps.

Quickly, I realize I'm still downloading something 20x faster than that, on a very old and slow wireless dongle.

Trying to reproduce errors on a switch is really fucking annoying, esp. when their system patch notes are as sparse as the lunar surface.

Oh well. I got up early because weird dream but decided to just listen to music and watch the snow but it's still not snowing. Music is fresh though!

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100% following anyone who caress enough to boost my bday b.s. 💛

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Shit like this makes me feel so helpless and trapped and angry.

Looked at the technical writing certificate program at the university I graduated from.

Part-time (great)
11 courses (what)
475 - 600 dollars a course (WHAT)
2 - 5 years to complete (fuck you)

I don't want more school, because I'm not sure I even want to. But I do want to learn technical writing because there are a lot of jobs for it, and I've touched on it a little already, but I don't think I can get a loan to pick up a certificate and I super can't afford it out of pocket.

I keep looking for work and I keep coming up empty. God help me, I'm thinking about school as a desperate last act.

no, asdlfkjhasdflkjh doesn't look as good in numbers

Double coffee with condensed milk, which is just doublemilk.

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Like something and want to save it?

Dump it into

Gonna make burger for dinner on fancy bakery buns with spinach and some other junk.

I want the foldable bookcomputer microsoft promised a bunch of years ago, as long as it's not running a mobile OS. Slap a bunch of USB ports down the trailing edge, add a headphone port, I'm in.

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