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*Keeps sighing*
*Deflates like a balloon*
*Slips into the second dimension, still sighing*

If you took all the veins that were in your body, and laid them end to end Show more

Now comes skin wars, drinks, and a deluxe as fuck cheese plate.

Today's energy forecast is Mikado.

The signature of the future is written on the present.

I love mesh network week in the fediverse every time it happens and it's been one week since I snuck this in


Oh shit you joined I don't even know where to hide all these SECRETZ

Oh shit my partner is joining Mastodon TIME TO HIDE ALL MY SECRETS

Ahhhhh yeah! I have connected with 100 human followers on this elephant ride. For my next feat, I will find another Black person on here somewhere 😂 Or, maybe a few of y’all could meet me halfway? 👊🏾👍🏽👌🏾✌🏽#BLM #M4BL #blacklivesmatter #POC

@Angle @deathmlem @brokenfingers @Mainebot

A monopoly on the "legitimate" use of violence is ALWAYS a nice thing to have.

I lean back
shift blue
see you tomorrow

@Mainebot @brokenfingers That's true.
oh no wait actually let's make careful plans about collectivized lifestyle AND FIRE UP THE GUILLOTINES


Oh another little horror story. I wrote a lot of little stories, I think it was a weekly job in-between giant writing projects.

Gosh don't read this one if you're hungry.


Oh look, a little gothic horror microfiction. Itty bitty story, big ol' horror.

I love you, gothic horror.


This was the last fiction piece I wrote for school. I went as far out of my comfort zone as I could.

Drugs, violence, some awful shit.

Basically a look at what the people I grew up with turned into. The ones who didn't get shot, or die in an overdose, at least.

Buyer beware, on this one.


Ok, here's a procedural poem I wrote in my last semester of writing at SFU. I like this one, overall.


you might like this one.