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I was using the terminal in front of my friends and they thought I was hacking... smh

Can't believe Dutch is a real language. "ziie oot njit dit noot." Fuck does that mean, you Martian?

is it gay to refuel? You're pretty much just taking on a fresh supply of fuel. 😳😳

When I get my American politics news from memes on r/ForwardsFromGrandma and r/TheRightCantMeme

Unfree Englishpeople will now say "Oi shucks, m8. I don't 'ave a loicense fo that."

Proud to open carry my permit to open carry my id papers.

I wait for my potato chips, but they are not coming, even though there is a grocery store near us.

When you steal memes from r/DankLeft and use them to troll the alt-right audience of Gab

Please @ me if you are triggered by this. I accept constructive criticism.

I used to agree with the regressive left's opinion. I have to say I was a bit stupid.

Yeah even though I'm a leftist I think users have the freedom of choice to decide their instance.

For those of you who want to use Tusky, and still value the big "F" in Free(dom), there is now a free fork of Tusky without the Russian/Chinese approach of blocking.
It installs seperate, so you can try it out without ditching your existing setup.
#free #tusky #freetusky

I just moved to so that I can troll users, epic style 😎
It's available on .

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