Sorry guys, your lovely Triumph Scrambler looks like a bicycle to me.

At least a bicycle does not leak oil in the garage.

Oh! wait... 😜

Ok Gnome 41 is not for me.

Maybe someday when I'm retired or not using my computer for a living...

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The more variants emerge, the more Covid makes me think of the 12 monkey army movie.

I guess I'm not the only one, there is even a website for that

After spending years of Debian original or derived distributions, I am giving a try to Fedora and its pure Gnome desktop.

Two birds with one stone...

Quant tu vois un site de e-commerce où la date d'expiration des crédits pré-payés est au 31/12/9999, tu te dis que c'est un gage de qualité et de sécurité du code... :hhHHHAAAH:

@dofh_excuses aurait dit quelque chose comme
" This test case requires to set your computer date to 01/01/10000 "

- Literally no one:
- Microsoft: "Next Windows 11 update brings back Clippy, along with other redesigned emoji "
:clippy: 😅 🤣 😂

doctolib + covid 

C'est crapfriday chez Doctolib, je me suis mis dans la file pour voir ce que ça donne: le temps d'attente passe de "Plus de 30 minutes" à 4 minutes, puis plus de 30 à nouveau...

Décidez vous !

Dépensez plus en cloud chez Amazon, ou mieux encore faites ça bien et en Europe pour que ça marche c't'affaire !

I like how this Public BSOD collection gives you an hint of the day IOT goes down for real...

Malware, ransomware you know.

@SDF guys on home page, the "europa" link is broken: it should point to instead of to avoid an ssl certificate error.

Hands on Steelseries apex 7 brown cherry switches: excellent build quality

Steady keys, great response from brown keys with a barely perceptible bump. No ringing, no clicking, the keycaps feel well built.

The oled screen is a useless gadget to me, it will end dark or taped. The general size and height looks good, the palmrest is a must have.

This is the keyboard I will keep ​:blobaww:

Hands on Coolermaster MasterKeys MK750 red cherry switches : a bit tall, the rest pad is mandatory.
You can hear some high pitched ringing, it's a bit surprising from red linear switches.

Great build quality except for the right shift key, with a noticable wabble. Key press too spongy for my taste, rather quiet.

Zuckerberg’s metaverse will invade workers’ privacy, whistleblower says
“The fact that they can afford 10,000 more engineers to build video games when they allegedly can’t afford to have 10,000 engineers working on our safety, I find that unconscionable,” Haugen told the European Parliament.

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