: "Nous sommes une nation de citoyens solidaires"
Oh mince, de nouveaux impôts en vue pour soigner du ?

Attaque du secret médical : le Health Data Hub centralise les données de santé chez Microsoft

Si vous avez des gens autour de vous qui n'ont pas encore compris l'enjeu, cette vidéo est faite pour eux :-)


Souveraineté numérique : le choix fort et courageux du gouvernement français qui confie nos données de santé à Microsoft, l'émission Secret d'info y est consacrée aujourdhui franceinter.fr/emissions/secre

Just placed an order for the pinephone manjaro edition (Arch derivative)

Can't stand Android, bored of iOS.

I do understand that pinephone OS are alpha stage, and it won't be a daily driver, but sometimes you have to put faith in your decisions.
Not the first time I will be messing with rough OS and embedded systems, not the last... working on patches and submitting bug reports keep a man happy.

cc @PINE64 @ArchLinux_Community

Hey fediverse, is it me or IOS 14.0.1 keep resetting icons position in the dock ?

Annoying as hell ...

Can't wait for the day we discover an onlyfans.com dataleak. You know, with emails, hashed passwords, and subscribers lists...

I keep stumbling on retweets or toots for "quality content" ... it gets worse because you can't blame advertising and ad-block it.

All right, when you have a lifetime subscription:
How in the world can they extend that ?

Two lifetime subscriptions ? Ok Sold ! 😜

Asking community : there is a poll about 5G ... QRU ?

Dear Google Cloud: Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You


"Google, wake the %$@Y up. It’s 2020. You are still losing. It’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and answer for yourselves whether you really want to be in the Cloud business."

Agree! Hard to use any Google service knowing it may be killed in a year or two.

Not an ad, just a hint : special discount on OVH/Kimsufi dedicated servers 

Guys are you running a low cost server ? Look at a special discount on Kimsufi (OVH low cost) intel dedicated server for a limited time

KS-10 Intel i5-2300 4c/4t 2,8GHz 16Go DDR3 1333 MHz 2To 100 Mbps /128 12,99 € HT


store website is down 😭

Thanks for preventing me of impulse buying, I see way too much toots on the pinephone slowing becoming usable.

Guess I will wait for at least a beta quality OS before ordering...

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