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nsfw kinks 

I DO NOT want DDLG or Ageplay kink followers

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I am a 21 year old trans lesbian living in Denmark.

I like music, movies, flowers, and books (especially political books)

I post on tumblr too: lesbian-beauvoir

the hand you write with is called your dominant hand, and so the other one is the submissive hand

censoring out letters with asterisks prevents filters from working

abbreviations are confusing and can have multiple meanings

please type out words fully thank u

me, before being given a large plushie heart: :blobcatreach:
me, after being given a large plushie heart: :blobcatheart:

that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

Quick reminder to non-communist mastodon: landlords are bullshit and you give them free money for doing fucking nothing.

I made the running microbot (mk127) and it works perfectly. It took some time to make 'cause I haven't soldered in ages and it is a bit messy but I like the outcome.

yeah I am reviving this account until berries is fixed.

The alternative instance I wanna join is I guess but I don't know how it is like either.

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me: i love women! *talks to a woman* oh fugkcjn how do i

Does any of my followers know what the lesbiab instance is like? I'm thinking about moving instances.

Please Retoot If You're A Wlw On This Site I Need More Ladies And Nonbinary People On My Feed

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