The US Office of Science and Technology Policy, under the direction of Dr. Alondra Nelson, has directed the immediate (green) open access to all articles and at least some data arising from federally-funded research.

Other dissemination genres (conference papers, book chapters, and the like) under consideration.

New agency policies must drop by the end of 2025.

The Loon may have things to say about this later.

@LibraryLoon I wonder how this will work and whether researchers will have legal cover to make data/findings available regardless of the journals' policies or whether federally funded research will be unable to publish in those journals at all and will shift to alternate methods of peer review and publication.

I'm glad to see the stranglehold chipped away. I ran away from research early but still do some work with researchers where publication affects practical implementation...

@LibraryLoon holy shit, isn't this huge? especially if this includes DoD, this makes almost every physics publication open access, no?

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