Re the archives of Gavia Libraria:

Let us be clear about one thing: Gavia Libraria was a blog. It was not a scholarly anything; if the Loon's Boring Alter Ego had wished to publish in The Litrachoor, she could have done so. (She has, in fact.)

The Loon owes the scholarly record exactly nothing whatever.
The Loon owes the historical record exactly nothing whatever.
The Loon owes the web record exactly nothing whatever.

Are we clear? Good. The Loon is still considering her archives.

One thing she is considering is that an intentional archival silence on her part might matter, might lead to larger discussions of silencing in the information professions. The Loon tried to goose that conversation into existence a few years ago, and a few voices took it up, but...

... eventually silence drowned the conversation about silencing.

You miss the Loon? How many other silenced voices do you not even know you miss?

You miss the Loon? Do you also miss her Boring Alter Ego, who was silenced long ago?

Those offended that the Loon took down her archives, do you understand that her BAE is unemployable in libraries? Do you understand how that happened? That several times during Gavia's run the Loon's BAE was threatened over it? That many libraries and library vendors still scour social media for something they can use to smear a librarian they don't like?

If you understand this, what are you doing about it?


One thing you might do -- right now, this very moment -- is sign the petition asking the University of California to endorse academic freedom for librarians.

Feel free to do so in the name of the Library Loon, who never had academic freedom.

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