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I’m genuinely excited to be microblogging on a platform not infested with Nazis. It‘s a fresh start; a vast landscape is at my feet to shape as I see fit. So much love to @Lexialex for taking the leap! I hope others follow suit, and we cultivate a positive experience on Mastodon. 😊

What’s up with all these British TV dramas featuring some version of a Muslim terrorist plot? McMafia is about Russians, still features Muslim terrorists. Next of Kin (oh dear, oh dear) I was really excited about Collateral....but guess what? Oh yes. This time they’re Syrians. UK...get your people

Please follow the fuck out of Lexi Alexander @Lexialex , mad respect to you and for what you did during the Harper's whistleblower incident.

@Lexialex This is a useful thread now, because I've just been using the default Mastadon app like some kind of loser when there's apparently a bunch of cool other ones?!

I‘m still trying to figure this out. Pardon me while I follow and unfollow you a million times. I can only sign in here on a browser. Every app I downloaded so far tells me my password is invalid. But good news...i can upload photos of Monty

First thing first, welcome the amazing, talented, smart-as-fuck TV & Film director Lexi Alexander to Mastodon/Octodon! @Lexialex made her way over after the bird site banned a friend and colleague's account for verbally chewing out a fuckin' nazi, which is to be celebrated, not banned. Lexi is one of my favorite people (I even sent her a holiday card this past year) and I hope she's as prosperous on this site as the previous. Except there'll be a MARKEDLY lower amount of assholes on here!

Hey so...is there an app for this? 😂

Welcoming film and TV director and social justice advocate @Lexialex to the fediverse. She just made a principled move away from Twitter after they banned someone’s account for cussing a Nazi (twitter.com/Lexialex/status/96)

Welcome, Lexi!

CC @Gargron