@cassolotl @Altruest it’s a shame really. And I really can’t stand the arrogance of white tech guys. I teach hand-to-hand combat and I manage to make the most uncoordinated person learn techniques without making them feel dumb. Not sure why they have to be such asses about being better at tech

@Altruest it’s just the beast of any internet space at this point. But sites with a high number of white tech guys or nerds is always roughest on women, especially WOC. I’ve already resigned to putting up with it, but then it has to be a site where I get the news or see something funny at least.

@miwilc I hate this place already. Same shit just less good people who can balance out people like you

@miwilc I hate this place already. Same shit just less good people who can balance out people like you

@miwilc an article? Yes. But not a statement of somebody on here or any other social media site.

@sydneyfalk @gargron listen, most of the time I repeat words that native English speakers use somewhere if I have seen it in a context where it makes sense. In this case, it was a discussion on how many of us didn’t know a single Trump voter and were surprised he got a single legit vote. I think social media has supplied the marginalized and minority cultures (accidentally) with a microphone. Would be sad to use it only to sing to the choir

I’m not a big fan of being asked for references or links every time I post something. If it seems hard to believe, google it or don’t believe it and unfollow. In general it’s considered bad etiquette to ask a WOC to educate you more or do free labor for you.

@gargron de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netzwerk it’s what the banned my friend Paul for, except Paul is Korean/German and insulted a Nazi.

I want a world without marginalized groups.

Human equality.

That's all.

Simple, right?

The far right has literally managed to turn German hate speech laws on the people fighting Nazis. And nobody seems concerned. It blows my mind.

@starbreaker @CobaltVelvet that would not be good here. For example l like Aya, whom you have introduced me to. But if I would see that avatar anywhere else I’d block them as a precaution. What I meant is “I’m too old to memorize who uses what logos for which movement”

@BigAngry no, but I think it’s just how Paul talks. He’s highly intelligent and knows the law. Hate speech laws aren’t supposed to prevent ppl from calling Nazis scum

@bob @Agentfoo hasn’t that been proven? I thought i read an article on this

@Agentfoo I know. I’m pissed off and people are either clueless or complacent about this

@Agentfoo no photo. He was mass reported by right wing Germans.

@bob is it worth it to fight for an important voice that has been silenced? Absolutely. All day long. It might be the most important fight one can have for humanity

@Extinction_Six da hast Du den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen. Deshalb sage ich normalerweise nie etwas gegen Volksverhetzung. Aber wenn ein Asian-German die Trump Wähler Untermenschen nennt ist das doch keine Volksverhetzung? Oder drehen jetzt alle durch?

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