I’m not a big fan of being asked for references or links every time I post something. If it seems hard to believe, google it or don’t believe it and unfollow. In general it’s considered bad etiquette to ask a WOC to educate you more or do free labor for you.

@Lexialex I hate it when articles don't provide references to what they are talking about,

it should be good practice to include references and links imo

@miwilc an article? Yes. But not a statement of somebody on here or any other social media site.

@Lexialex well, as you said it's statement, so isn't that worth providing references for?

I guess it depends on the context these discussions are occurring in.


@miwilc I hate this place already. Same shit just less good people who can balance out people like you

@Lexialex don't let people get you down, site independent. In my experience people from Mastodon are usually more courteous, inclusive, and willing to talk, I hope you find those same people.

@Altruest it’s just the beast of any internet space at this point. But sites with a high number of white tech guys or nerds is always roughest on women, especially WOC. I’ve already resigned to putting up with it, but then it has to be a site where I get the news or see something funny at least.

@Lexialex @Altruest Lexi, I’ve seen way more anti-patriarchy and general affection for one another on here than any other venue. If you aren’t seeing that, it may just be that it will take some curation of your feed, over time, to get there. Maybe start over with a different instance? I tried several before settling on the one I use now.

@Lexialex @Altruest I've said on occasion here that it's harder to be here than on Twitter sometimes. :S I block a lot of white tech guys. It's exhausting with the "prove it" and the general pedantry and the "just use linux"ery and the answering questions you didn't ask and the unsolicited advice and bleurgh. So I guess I just wanted to say... it's not just you that thinks that about this space, and I'm sorry you're running into that. :(

@cassolotl @Altruest it’s a shame really. And I really can’t stand the arrogance of white tech guys. I teach hand-to-hand combat and I manage to make the most uncoordinated person learn techniques without making them feel dumb. Not sure why they have to be such asses about being better at tech

@Lexialex @Altruest Yesss, I dislike the constant subtle (and not-so-subtle) condescension!

Some more diversity here would be so wonderful, but the kind of people I'd love to see here, they come here and once the crappy replies start trickling in they leave.

I honestly don't know how to fix it but I wish I did. :( (Open to ideas and suggestions on this from anyone who's got them!)

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