The far right has literally managed to turn German hate speech laws on the people fighting Nazis. And nobody seems concerned. It blows my mind.

@Lexialex I wish I knew journalists who covered things in this vein, so I could make noise and get attention drawn to the problem.

@Lexialex I'm very confused that Nazis are Russian and American.

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@Lexialex i haven't heard about this (I'm in Germany by the way), any links?

@gargron it’s what the banned my friend Paul for, except Paul is Korean/German and insulted a Nazi.

@Lexialex @Gargron Paul should join here, which is a nice relaxing area for worry free idea dissemination (and CAT PIX!!!!) Having input from someone with deep knowledge of Korea and Germany two countries leading in robotics and technology who will lead the future would be fascinating. Oh and my obligatory cat pic...herewith

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