The plot thickens on Paul Engelhard’s ban from the bird site. A bunch of my friends who have access to the head honchos of Twitter approached them about it, not even they could fix it. Apparently this is a German Twitter hate speech issue. Now I have to compose a tweet in German and @ German Twitter...which is my least favorite thing to do. My German isn’t that great anymore. Plus, I have to address German hate speech laws. Sigh.

@Lexialex mit Deutsch kann ich helfen, aber nicht mit den Gesetzen…

Jetzt wird's aber spannend. Als Palestinänserin ist deine Existenzenz alleine ja schon der reinste Antisemitismus/ s

@Extinction_Six da hast Du den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen. Deshalb sage ich normalerweise nie etwas gegen Volksverhetzung. Aber wenn ein Asian-German die Trump Wähler Untermenschen nennt ist das doch keine Volksverhetzung? Oder drehen jetzt alle durch?

@Lexialex Is it really worth it? The Twitter Gods are fickle. Maybe just stay offa their cloud.

@bob is it worth it to fight for an important voice that has been silenced? Absolutely. All day long. It might be the most important fight one can have for humanity

@Lexialex So him decrying Nazis somehow ran afoul of German laws designed to prevent Nazism's re-emergence? I'm guessing he shared a photo or something with banned iconography?

@Agentfoo no photo. He was mass reported by right wing Germans.

@Lexialex Ugh, that's... ugh. Yet again, the apparatus of the state gets hijacked by the hard right.

@Agentfoo I know. I’m pissed off and people are either clueless or complacent about this

@Lexialex @Agentfoo I’m convinced the only way Twitter will change is if its shareholders fire all of its board and corporate officers with people who give a damn about the company screwing up.

@Lexialex @Agentfoo That seems to happen a lot on Birdsite. They're slow learners, but the far right have eventually figured out how to mobilize on that platform. I think they'll have a lot more trouble in the fediverse, and be more easily contained to their own echo chamber.
@Agentfoo @Lexialex On Twitter because it's centralized there are no instances which can be blocked, and trying to block individual accounts is a losing game. A possibly controversial opinion is that I think whoever is running Birdsite is sympathetic towards the far right anyway, and giving them a particularly easy time.

@bob @Agentfoo hasn’t that been proven? I thought i read an article on this

@Lexialex @Agentfoo I havn't read anything about it in detail. It's just a hunch based on what I've seen over the last couple of years.
@Lexialex @Agentfoo That's on a similar theme to what I was blogging about yesterday - that if the alt-right get enough influence within Google then that could be a really major threat, given the amount of personal data they have.

@Lexialex So the nazi/right users reported him to German Twitter, using the hate speech laws designed to prevent them from prospering AGAINST a voice speaking out against nazis. Fuck's sake, this is exactly the opposite of what's supposed to happen with those laws. Any idea on whether or not they baited him into this to silence him?

@BigAngry no, but I think it’s just how Paul talks. He’s highly intelligent and knows the law. Hate speech laws aren’t supposed to prevent ppl from calling Nazis scum

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