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Lexi Alexander @Lexialex

I‘m usually mortified of people with anime avatars. Quite often I block them on sight. So Mastodon is where the good anime fans are?

@Lexialex There are a few. I don't know who octodon.social has or hasn't blocked, so I can't speak to your odds of encountering a regular person vs troll garbage.

(for anyone not knowing why we are wary of such things:

@Lexialex i like to think everyone actually looks like their av (mine is only slightly processed ;)

@Lexialex I've seen good anime fans here, and I actually follow one who is quite friendly and intelligent, but I've also seen the occasional bad ones. Most of the bad ones are probably on instances blocked by this one, so I wouldn't block on sight just yet.

@Lexialex Mastodon is like the mirror universe from starter kit, all that was bad is now good

@Lexialex I don't think the anime/moe avatar rule works here at all. As far as I can tell, people with anime avatars on here are interested in anime and that's it.

@Lexialex It's just another one of those survival rules for Birdsite that go out of the window on Mastodon, like assuming everyone who's arguing with you is doing so in bad faith.

@Lexialex It depends. If you see somebody with an anime avatar whose home instance is gs.smuglo.li or libertarian.club, then they're probably an asshole. People with anime avatars from witches.town or octodon.social are more likely to be OK people.

@CobaltVelvet doesn't put up with assholes on her own site.

@Lexialex @CobaltVelvet Then continue to block anime avatars on sight if that makes your life easier and less stressful.

Nobody is entitled to another person's attention.

@starbreaker @Lexialex yeah that's mostly why instances with a high ratio of assholes are silenced instance-wide. it doesn't solve the issue but it does reduce the work needed by everyone.

@starbreaker @CobaltVelvet that would not be good here. For example l like Aya, whom you have introduced me to. But if I would see that avatar anywhere else I’d block them as a precaution. What I meant is “I’m too old to memorize who uses what logos for which movement”

@Lexialex @CobaltVelvet @starbreaker

By and large I haven't noticed it to be a problem yet. Most people on here, anime or not, are pretty good. A lot of the assholes are on instances that don't federate. If any spill over, it's trivial to block or mute the entire instance.

@Mainebot @Lexialex @CobaltVelvet @starbreaker We have mods and codes of conduct so which avatar someone's got means a lot less. That's something to get used to, for sure.

@Gargron @starbreaker @CobaltVelvet @Lexialex @Mainebot What's really cool: If Twitter ever pulls an AOL and starts federating like AOL did with Usenet, everyone will just mute it. Couldn't really do that with Usenet. You still had to see gaps in threads where Clarence from Omaha was sharing his views on Mexicans and Area 51, then the replies, and it was a mess.

Here, you don't see it because the person they're @-ing is muted and you don't follow them.