Everybody and their grandmother is sending me tweets and lists of people suggesting I should direct Batgirl. But nobody wants to send me the bad things LOL. I remember precisely how I blocked about 200 mad DC fans one day, I’m sure there are people who are salty hearing my name come up that often. It’s a shame I’m missing this. There’s nothing better than butthurt comic book movie fandom

@Lexialex I dunno I can imagine how that franchise could be super frustrating to manage considering how kind of crap Batman (and DC in general) has been for yearsssss.

@Lexialex A self-contained story with 1/3 Batgirl and 2/3 paralyzed Oracle could be interesting.

@Lexialex Why don't you pitch the Batgirl: Year One (2003) arc to Warner "Instead of Batman as an inspiration for her crimefighting career, it's her father and sexism that provide the inciting spark; after she's passed over for the Gotham PD and the FBI, Barbara seeks out her idol – the Golden Age Black Canary" I'd totally help you break story for free (until your prod co gets paid) J. Karfiol is our rep in LA. Could be set partly in London and have a Suicide Squad cross-over element.

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