@miwilc I hate this place already. Same shit just less good people who can balance out people like you

I’m not a big fan of being asked for references or links every time I post something. If it seems hard to believe, google it or don’t believe it and unfollow. In general it’s considered bad etiquette to ask a WOC to educate you more or do free labor for you.

I want a world without marginalized groups.

Human equality.

That's all.

Simple, right?

The far right has literally managed to turn German hate speech laws on the people fighting Nazis. And nobody seems concerned. It blows my mind.

The plot thickens on Paul Engelhard’s ban from the bird site. A bunch of my friends who have access to the head honchos of Twitter approached them about it, not even they could fix it. Apparently this is a German Twitter hate speech issue. Now I have to compose a tweet in German and @ German Twitter...which is my least favorite thing to do. My German isn’t that great anymore. Plus, I have to address German hate speech laws. Sigh.

I‘m usually mortified of people with anime avatars. Quite often I block them on sight. So Mastodon is where the good anime fans are?

Everybody and their grandmother is sending me tweets and lists of people suggesting I should direct Batgirl. But nobody wants to send me the bad things LOL. I remember precisely how I blocked about 200 mad DC fans one day, I’m sure there are people who are salty hearing my name come up that often. It’s a shame I’m missing this. There’s nothing better than butthurt comic book movie fandom

I must admit I had to look up Lexi Alexander on Wikipedia...

I’m getting a lot of Google alerts that only say my name, Twitter and Batgirl. Contrary to popular belief, I swear I am not Batgirl.

You can't "both sides" an issue like this Google. A politely worded letter stating that women should not be in tech is more violent than the most vitriolic retort.

There is no middle ground where one person is arguing that you should not exist.

🚨 a new lawsuit against Google. A former engineer claims he was fired for criticizing James Damore's memo and for posting politically ~liberal~ content wired.com/story/ex-google-…

I’m trying to figure out what the percentage is of movies/shows with a Muslim terrorist plot versus the number of real terrorist attacks by people with an Islamic background and then compare that to the percentage of movies/shows with a white American terrorism plot versus the number of real life white American terrorism attacks.

I don’t want you guys to let up on getting @paulengelhard’s account unbanned for those of you who haven’t abandoned Twitter). He’s a tremendous voice because nobody is more “othered” than a POC German. Black and Asian Germans are constantly spoken to in English by Germans, because “they don’t look German”. Different experience for Arab or Turkish Germans, we are expected to speak fluently. Paul is the kind of voice that needs a microphone during these dark days. Not for his sake but ours.

Filmmaker Lexi Alexander has ditched Twitter -- follow her here on Mastodon! @Lexialex

Wow, in one day, both Professor Awesome (@rsnokes) and Lexi Alexander (@Lexialex) joined the Mastoverse. Interesting, very interesting.

It's too much of a coincidence, if you ask me.

Both my follows and unfollows are currently more accidental than anything else 😂 I’m sorry. I also just realized that many, many people have left me messages on Instagram in a section called “Request” that I didn’t know existed.

@Lexialex I’m iOS and I found one that works for me but look through this thread, many good suggestions

This is a very white space. All POCs need to recruit fam



Hi, Web. Welcome! @Lexialex post made me join Mastodon. It feels good being here :)

Hello, all! My name is Web. I'm a , a geek, , enthusiast, and a pop culture junkie. I record a monthly about Indian cinema/culture called Darn That Dream. I studied and in school and am very passionate about and . I want to one day be a at the high school or college level.

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