Blood; One Piece episode 377 spoilers 

My Hero Academia - HERO TOO [Male Ver.] - English Cover (Caleb Hyles)

This song tends to get me pumped!

...And I want to do lewd things to Caleb's voice (somehow)...

This isn't an opening either, but I like to imagine that if 3x3 Eyes ever did get a TV adaptation, it might look something like this!

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Cheating at this one is from a video game...but 3x3 Eyes was yet another OVA I was obsessed with. I rewatched those VHS tapes so many times! Like Bubblegum Crisis, they didn't really have an opening for each episode, so this'll have to do.

The story follows Pai (an ageless, three eyed girl with spiritual powers) and Yakumo (a boy who dies protecting her, but is resurrected by her as an unkillable bodyguard) who are searching for a way for both of them to become human.

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CW: cartoon violence, blood, gore

Another OVA I liked--actually, the first anime I sought out and watched knowing it was a Japanese cartoon--was Guyver. I'd actually seen the two live action films first, and my mom remembered seeing tapes of the anime in the local video store. That was really the start of me consuming anime.

This is technically the second OVA. The first was a movie, whereas this was a 12 part series. The movie looks worse and is uhhhh...weird...

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Speaking of OVAs I was obsessed with, I loved Bubblegum Crisis. Cyberpunk with an all female team of mercenaries in powered armor? Yes please!

The original OVAs technically don't have a set opening, and each starts with a different (awesome) song. This is the opening from Bubblegum Crash, which people will say isn't as good as the previous OVA episodes, but...the opening is good!

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When I first got into anime, it was easier to get OVAs and movies on VHS than TV series most of the time. Moldiver is one of the earlier ones I got and I was kind of obsessed with it for a while. Probably because of trans feels? The guy in the anime designs a device that lets you transform into a superhero, but his sister modifies it to add a superhero costume of her own, and as a result it becomes impossible to predict which it'll turn you into.

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Not much to say about Read or Die. I remember liking it, but not much else. Yomiko's outfit is awesome though and I'd totally wear it!

This opening has style.

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Anime openings I "just like, okay?" thread!

First up, Mugen no Ryvius / Infinite Ryvius.

There are actually several versions of this opening because the visuals change quite often as the story progresses, but this is the version I always think of. I think the ship rising at the end goes well with the song somehow?

Offensive as FUCK; fictional rape; extreme cartoon violence; no it's not Goblin Slayer, but if you can guess what it is from this description you get 100 points 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure spoilers 

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