Conservatives (-) 

"The left say they want unity, but it's conditional. They wouldn't unify with us for four years and now they want to 'reeducate' us. And they're _still_ being hateful and calling us racist??"

I'm too tired to even follow the loopy logic at play from people like this. They seriously want to convince people that they should forgive and forget, and if we don't then _we're_ the assholes. Fucking victim playing bullshit. How many of them have died over the last four years?

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Conservatives (-) 

@Lexi classic gaslighting. I ain't ready to make nice until I see evidence they're no longer attempting to seize power and commit genocide, both actions must be abandoned.

Conservatives (-) 


"Conservatives haven’t understood yet that when they got everything they wanted, that also meant we all saw what they always wanted, and our disgust is genuine and enduring, and consequently millions of us will never respect or trust you again."

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