You know what's pretty cool? There are Black Lives Matter protests going on all over the world. This is good because America is definitely not the only place with racial inequality in the world, but also because I hope it shows the American people that the world--despite always being exasperated with America as a country--has always wanted what's best for its people.

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One unfortunate thing that's come out of this in New Zealand, though, is that the protests broke our lockdown rules, and our leaders are trying to walk a tightrope of "we understand the reasoning" and "but we can't condone putting themselves and others at risk."

And I get it. It's unfortunate. And I hope anyone who went to the large gatherings is doing self-isolation to protect themselves and their loved ones, just in case.

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But some of our officials--and our most right leaning party, ACT--have had this response of: "Ugh, this is so unfair to the small businesses who have been following the lockdown rules all this time."

Fuck off you ghouls this isn't about you. Sit down and shut up for once.

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Our takeaway from this should be that the _only_ thing that got New Zealanders to break lockdown procedures was anger over racial injustice. That's the kind of country we are. Instead of complaining about how that's unfair to small businesses and the economy, how about we have a conversation about racism in New Zealand? How about the government does an education based push on what non-white people have to deal with here?

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