@Lexi note that this doesn't affect people who stand to pee

who can then just lean against a wall in the stall

this is punishing snyone who needs to sit

morose joke re: Capitalism 

@Lexi now you'll just have to cry at your desk or cash register

@Lexi well, there's also a bit of luck involved, those two things are necessary, but don't guarantee eternal richness.

@Lexi in reality it's a single-colored pie with 'be wealthy'.

Almost all rich people got it from wealth. Having money is the surest way to gain money. — my summary of Piketty 'capital in the 21st century.

I guess that's partly covered in the 'birth lottery' pie, though.


@Lexi as if I wouldn't just lay out a bunch of toilet paper on the floor to sit on instead

Capitalism; implied gross 

@forAll52 I'm glad you said "sit".

(not really they deserve it)

Capitalism; implied gross 

@Lexi they also give us a ready made excuse "I still had to go, but it started hurting" (especially if someone has ibs)


@Lexi I’m torn over whether this is actually about “improving” “productivity” meant or making it harder for people with disabilities to exist in public


@SelfsameSynonym I know right?

Also wondering if the bosses would be using these, or if they'd have private bathrooms with Trump's golden toilets installed.

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