@Lexi yeah I'm in my 40s and like, still way left

@Lexi The unexpected benefit of rich "prog" apologists & their wannabees lurching ever-rightward all the time is that lazy people become wild-eyed bomb tossers just by stubbornly digging in and staying where we always were. :/

(I voted for Nader at 34 & my Mom's *still* mad at me. She can't chew out my Dad anymore b/c he's long since passed on. :D )

[Longer image description:
white background, top say the following:
Boomer: "you'll become more conservative in your 30s"
38 yr old me:
Grey background image with a personified molotov cocktail, which has a very cute happy face with kawaii cheek dots. Molotov cocktail is lit, with a rainbow coming out of the flame. They are holding a flag, red and black, diagonally split. They have black shoes, appear to be running or dancing, and are saying "EAT THE RICH!"]


@Lexi i was a nazi in my early teens, libertarian in my early 20s, and a communist in my early 30s, so yeah i am getting more conservative

@Lexi I was slightly more conservative in my 30s (in my 40s now, lol)

@whakkee Aaaaaa your avatar is giving me nostalgiaaaa~! 💖


Sorry, that has nothing to do with anything, does it?

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