Gab, fedilab, Deplatform Nazis 

I'm going to ask the users of Gulp Cafe to stop using fedilab to post 🚫
Fedilab has decided it's acceptable to give Nazis a place at the table, and I would rather break their faces then break bread with them ✊
Deplatforming Nazis and hate speech is effective in driving out their ideas and stopping the spread of their ideals. #PunchNazis

re: Gab, fedilab, Deplatform Nazis 

@Taris Seriously?

Fuck fedilab then. Guess I need to find a new client.

Any android suggestions?

re: Gab, fedilab, Deplatform Nazis 

@NinTheFolf I just pin the site to home from a browser and it turns into a tiny app. Works for any mastodon instance

Also I think people like tusky, but don't quote me on that 🤔


re: Gab, fedilab, Deplatform Nazis 

@Taris @NinTheFolf I alternate between a pinned copy of Octodon and Tusky myself. Usually Tusky, with the pinned copy as a backup for any features Tusky doesn't have yet.

Tusky have taken a pretty firm stance against bigotry and are getting a lot of crap for it from Gab and the like (spamming them with one star reviews), so I want to support them. But don't get the wrong impression: I've used Tusky since I came to Fedi because I like it...!

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