My favorite shape is hexagon.


I don't know why.

This thought brought to you by five-year-old me.


As a kid, I used to think anything you could have a favorite of--shapes, colors, ice cream flavors, etc.--had a 'main', like a leader.

The main shape was square.

The main color was red.

The main ice cream flavor was vanilla.

My favorite was rarely the main.

@Lexi Same!

I feel like I remember learning about something like this back when I had a high-school-level psychology class, like there are basically archetypes or, like you said, Main ones of all kinds of things in our minds.

Unfortunately that was 10 years ago and I don't remember anything else but I know it was a thing we learned about!

@Lexi If shapes did have a "main shape" then wouldn't it be the circle/sphere? Since you can make every other shape by just messing with them?

@natsumisummer Five-year-old me would disagree and I don't even know why.

@Lexi Wow I just realized I used to think (and still kinda subconsciously think) the same thing

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