Seriouspost to other dudes--

One way to help trans people is being socially open with your own emotions. Talking about how things make you feel, or when things hurt you, really helps trans guys feel normal.

I really struggle a lot with feeling not-really-a-guy because something hurt me. You all being open is a reassuring example sometimes. 🙏🏼

Male MH ~ 

@erosdiscordia I think you can take pride in the fact you process your emotions in a healthy way. It doesn't make you less valid.

Suicide is the leading killer of men under 40, and that's down to men bottling up their emotions, or feeling like they don't "measure up" to what society expects of them.

Rightly or wrongly, men are valued according to what they do & "how well they provide". Take away their job for long enough or bankrupt them and their mental health collapses.

Male MH ~ 

@erosdiscordia my first hand experience of this btw was having a full blown mental breakdown towards the end of 2017.

That was the result of me dealing with too much stress & anxiety for too long. If I'd sought help when I needed it then things would never have gotten that bad!

The frustrating thing is I'm aware of this toxic masculinity BS but *still* have problems processing emotions or asking for help. 🤦‍♂️


Male MH ~ 

@bobstechsite @erosdiscordia That's frustrating, but so valid...! It's so hard to change something that's so ingrained.

Before I came out and transitioned, I thought I was different--I knew what gender I was on the inside and was determined to be feminine as much as possible--but I _still_ ended up subconsciously stifling myself and my emotions. Even now it's hard for me not to come off as stoic...!

"If it feels good, do it," is what I now try to live by.

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