"SJWs are ruining Star Trek with their progressive agenda."


@Lexi I'm always amused by complaints star trek is being ruined by sjws because there are women of color on discovery.

Ds9 had exactly one white male human character in the main cast. And he was a noncom who was outranked by everyone and he was married to an Asian woman and his kids were asian. Everyone one else was a woman, a PoC, an alien or some combination or those.

@Taweret @Lexi

> because there are women of color on discovery

🙄 Have they not heard of Lieutenant Uhura?

@Lexi Yeah, Star Trek was always very progressive, or even not progressive enough in some cases. But, even though I was always in favour of that, I understand what the term SJW tries to criticize (+generous interpretation): it's either people trying to over-correct (doing injustice in the opposite direction to correct a previous wrong) or when people cynically make a spreadsheet about how to be most inclusive without actually caring about the subject matter. It's not just about progress usually.

@Lexi hey remember when Rom angrily quoted Marx during a strike? or when the original series pulled elaborate shenanigans to broadcast an interracial kiss?

@Lexi the only way this statement could be anything but laughable is if it was said on the day the very first episode of Star Trek came out.

Star Trek has never NOT been progressive.

@ben @Lexi I've watched like five episodes and two movies and I still know that the show is gay space communism, to the bone

@ben @Lexi I agree with this as the preponderance of Star Trek's attitude, but it can stumble badly in the particulars. Like, one time Kirk thinks how sad he'll be when this good officer gets her M-R-S and leaves.

But there's another episode where Kirk convinced the supercomputer running the planet that it had failed because it was uninterested in doing justice to the potential of each of society's members. That's more like it.

@ben @Lexi Nah, at least not Original-Universe Kirk. People have to push him before he loses his patience with them.

Well, he is to that commissioner in 'Trouble with Tribbles'. But the commissioner was being all whiny about getting Kirk to correctly do his job and pay attention to a real actual danger that was really actually there. Wasn't Kirk's best day.

@Austin_Dern @Lexi I've never watched Star Trek so I'll trust you over my recollection of vague Star Trek facts-by-osmosis on this.

@Lexi I always wonder if people who say things like that ever *watched* the show.

@Lexi wait... are people actually saying this????? like... Gene Roddenberry created the United Federation of Planets to represent his socialist utopia...

how one you 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘸𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩 Star Trek at all and not understand this.

@DavidBlue @Lexi Apparently right wingers keep unlocking this achievement somehow. :blobthinkingeyes:

@Jo @DavidBlue I have to assume a lot of them either haven't actually watched Star Trek, or know they're wrong and don't care. Being wrong on purpose is actually a more common tactic than many of us would like to believe, especially when it comes to anti-feminist alt-right buttclowns.

@lexi Their memory probably filtered out everything about Star Trek except the Picard's voice and Ferengi's ear shape %).

@tomas @xrevan86 @Lexi Hundreds of years into the future and they can't even make handheld devices capable of multitasking

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