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Maybe our soul/essence/core is the choices we make whilst having these thoughts, feelings, and bodies we didn't ask for forced upon us. And if that's the case, maybe realizing we're not responsible for or defined by the three can help our choices be more genuine to who we really are.

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Mental health thoughts; eye contact in drawing 

A technique some people use to cope with mental health issues is to "re-raise their inner child" in their head. The idea is to give the inner child support and love and comfort so they can grow up secure and confident--basically, re-write your traumatic childhood.

I've tried it, and I think it's a good technique, but personally? In my case, it kinda ends up being the inner child raising me instead of the other way around.

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Ableism meta; challenging yourself 

I 100% recommend challenging yourself to stop using ableist words if you haven't already. Some people dismiss it as "a step too far" and say "words have to mean something", but it isn't just the words: it's the way of thinking that goes with them.

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Furry art; eye contact 

It's meeee~! 100% furry edition!

๐ŸŽจ by @sleepy_screen on twitter (!

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Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a geeky nerd who's tired of the birdsite and its hate. Sorry for being a social media immigrant~

More about me:

๐Ÿ”น I like cartoons and comic books. Also anime and manga, but I don't dispute that they're the same thing.
๐Ÿ”น I like fantasy and science fiction. Star Wars is okay, but I prefer Star Trek.
๐Ÿ”น Video games are neat, but I sorta grew out of them. Still like retro games!
๐Ÿ”น Very pro-free speech, but even more pro-anti-harassment.

I'm sick of white opinions.

And male opinions.

But especially white male opinions.

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I love how Sonic Team can just draw whatever and be like, "That's an armadillo."

No that's Sonic in a wig.

"This is a duck."

It has hands and a pointy beak.

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Anime was a mistake 

Anime fans are getting all defensive because people are pointing out that the 19-year-old college student in Uzaki-chan is drawn like a 10-year-old with balloons stuffed down her shirt. Anyone who says this is a "puritan" apparently.

Even putting aside the above, her design just isn't appealing to me in any way.

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covid pandemic, masks 

in a german article a german-canadian researcher basically says that western science has been ignoring asian studies and evidence that masks work, and that western arrogance might have cost a lot of lives.

so it looks like that studies about the sars1 and mers pandemic/epidemics show, that facemasks not only protect the others but also the wearer to a certain percentage.

they were ignored bc they weren't "gold standard" randomized..

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Anime was a mistake 

@Lexi In my experience, this community gets a lot of mileage out of intentional conflation of "blatant and consistent sexual objectification of women (and children ๐Ÿ˜) is problematic" with "sex bad"

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Cancel your donations to Mozilla and send that money to the developers they just fired. Otherwise you're paying the multi-million-dollar salary of the person who signed the pink slips.

At last report[1] Mozilla has almost four hundred million dollars in investments and over a hundred million dollars in cash. They report under ten million dollars in donations annually. Your donations are not making a difference, but they are a show of support for bad management.

1 -

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queer, BBC, conversion therapy, - 

@drifa It's hugely disturbing, ne? *Someone* senior there is deciding it's open season on LGBT - first they scrub their LGBT resources page of all trans charities (and the canned reply was just a limp "well, it's contentious, and we do have a link to the NHS up still"), and now /this/?

The question that comes to my mind is: is this order coming from high up in the party, or is this "merely" someone trying to polish their anti-queer credentials, hoping to get noticed by the bigots within the party?

Both sides. I'll believe /that/ when we see serious discussion of 90% taxation on those pulling in more than ยฃ10m/year, in a discussion considering the pros and cons of income-side taxation. Or similar on inheritances above a similar amount. Or maybe simply "these people believe billionaires should be allowed to exist; these people think every penny should be returned to the public. Let's hear *both sides*."

Strangely, I don't think we'll hear /those/ sides.

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uspol, liberal TV 

I sampled last nightโ€™s MSNBC coverage of the Harris pick. Lots of praising the Democratic party for the number of women and POC candidates it fields. Very little talking about actual policies and how these would impact women, Black, brown, indigenous, and Asian people, lesbian, gay, and bisexual folks, transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming folks, religious minorities, etc. You know, *actual* anti-racism and pro-justice work rather than tokens.

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queer, BBC, conversion therapy, - 

Holy carp. They really went "both sides" on *conversion therapy*.

"The report, which aired on the BBC News at Six on Monday (August 10), featured Gareth, a survivor of conversion therapy, opening up about the lasting damage caused to him by attempts to cure his sexuality.

But the segment, which refers to โ€œso-called conversion therapyโ€, also gave airtime to Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust to advocate for the debunked idea that sexual orientation and gender identity can be cured."

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Incorrect statistics about trans life expectancy, transphobia

Reflecting on things like this as I turn 35 tomorrow. I think it may be useful for this to be more widely known to avoid doing the work of terrifying us for the transphobes.

It's still disgusting that folks can get away with murdering us with so little chance of consequences however.

Weirdly pedophilia related racism; Re: Anime was a mistake 

"Look, Asian people can look young even when they're in their 30s or older, so stop guilt tripping me for fapping to this 10-year-old looking anime girl!"

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if you're on social media, you already read more per day than almost anyone in any prior era of history. you don't have 'poor attention span', you're tired and you have depression, and it's not too hard for you, you've just convinced yourself to do it in the most difficult way possible. the first thing is to demystify the act of reading. the barrier you face here internalised classicism and the trauma of schooling

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You know, when our instinctual response to people doing harm is that we must lock them up or get rid of them, that's indicative of the carceral society we live in

Prison abolition and police abolition shouldn't just mean getting rid of those specific institutions but working to change our mindset

The idea that certain people are just inherently "bad" and can never change is rooted in ableism, racism, and xenophobia

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American 2020: Where politicians label antifascists domestic terrorists and people still have to crowdfund to pay their medical bills after being attacked by a neo-Nazi at a "free speech" rally in support of a Confederate statue.

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How ppl have disappointed me:
- voting for fascists
- misgendering/deadnaming
- criticising BIPOC movements
- whitewashing

Things that are never disappointing:
- forgot to reply to msg, or no energy to
- replied late
- not in the mood for sex/some other activity
- wanting attention
- feeling jealous/insecure
- negative feelings in general
- want to spend time alone/with somebody
- not being the ideal activist/lover/friend etc.

the latter are not moral failings, therefore never disappointing.

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