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I stream on Twitch now! Up and coming Vtuber right here! If you like classic games as much as I do, please come and join us sometime!

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What if I did a thread with previews/clips from my Twitch channel? Please come hang out if any of these look fun or up your alley!

PS: wow, looking at old clips, I sound kinda different now.

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Ableism meta; challenging yourself 

I 100% recommend challenging yourself to stop using ableist words if you haven't already. Some people dismiss it as "a step too far" and say "words have to mean something", but it isn't just the words: it's the way of thinking that goes with them.

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Furry art; eye contact 

It's meeee~! 100% furry edition!

🎨 by @sleepy_screen on twitter (!

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Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a geeky nerd who's tired of the birdsite and its hate. Sorry for being a social media immigrant~

More about me:

🔹 I like cartoons and comic books. Also anime and manga, but I don't dispute that they're the same thing.
🔹 I like fantasy and science fiction. Star Wars is okay, but I prefer Star Trek.
🔹 Video games are neat, but I sorta grew out of them. Still like retro games!
🔹 Very pro-free speech, but even more pro-anti-harassment.

The entire playthrough of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (minus one or two parts YouTube forced me to trim out) is now available on YouTube!

We're live with what will hopefully be the finale of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc! Thrills, chills, kills! Iiiiit's punishment time!

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If you liked want a game featuring an indigenous female action protagonist kicking invader butts in the jungle, check out Decolonators! Made with Native Hawaiian (myself) and Native Vietnamese


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We'll be back for part 2 of playing Super Mario 64 for the Escape Fundraiser, Saturday at 5pm Pacific time(00:00 UTC)!

I'm going to be streaming Mario 64 to help with a fundraiser in a couple of hours. The fundraiser is currently on Saytan's channel. Please stop by if you can! It's to help a disabled trans person and your viewership would really help!

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Back to streaming after a long hiatus! Today I'm playing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc...for some reason. Please pay attention to the content warnings, as this game has a lot of...things!

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