ICANN granted the domain '.amazon' today, rather than the entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin.

Acts like this are colonial, obviously, but also a slap in the face to early internet promises of global representation + shared power. Its really sad.

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@feonixrift @LenieBlue The #DNS will continue to be used long after your fediverse account have disappeared...

PS: your instance uses a TLD for the recent ICANN round, created with the same policies that allowed .amazon.

@LenieBlue luckily there's a 30 day comment period in which to communicate to Bezos & ICANN that this is unacceptable abuse of his financial reach. If enough people do this, it might make a difference.

@amsomniac @dch @LenieBlue I do not claim to be an expert in #ICANN procedures but I believe the "complaints" mechanism is for cases when you believe process or rules have been violated, not just when you disagree with a decision. For the decision about .amazon, the place to comment will probably be

Still better to complain at the wrong place than to stay silent.
@amsomniac @dch @LenieBlue

@LenieBlue I'm still peeved that Amazon is squatting the entire '.fire' TLD. I need to run a fediverse instance on

@gcupc @LenieBlue more and more I feel like it's time to start an alternate, indie DNS or something.

@gcupc @LenieBlue @dave DNS is fundamentally flawed. We need completely different methods for finding resources on the Internet.

@freakazoid @dave @LenieBlue @gcupc

I see this sentiment a lot, and it's usually accompanied by someone asking how we can do it better. The answer is always, "I don't know, but it should be open and federated," which is silly considering DNS as a protocol *is* open and federated. We don't *have* to listen to ICANN, we just do because nobody wants to give up the big internet.

@rdh @gcupc @LenieBlue @dave Right. Any replacement needs to be in addition to DNS, and it needs to be built into browsers. Even if it's a webextension that'd be enough to bootstrap it.

Amazon remporte le droit d’utiliser le nom de domaine “.amazon” face à l'Amazone
Amazon touche au but. La firme vient de faire un grand pas dans un combat qu’elle mène depuis près de sept ans maintenant. L’Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), vient de lui autoriser l’exploitation du nom de domaine “.amazon”.

Cette décision, précise Business Insider, est ouverte à contestation et commentaires pendant 30 jours, après quoi elle sera définitive.

@LenieBlue not that I especially have a stick in that fire ... but is the "entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin" really doing all that much online?

What about the ancient Greek mythological Amazons?

or the asteroid?

@warrenmyers @LenieBlue
(disclaimer, I work on gTLDs, though not at Amazon)

The nations in the Amazon basin already have CC-TLDs. They had the opportunity to bid on the name when ICANN first began auctioning gTLDs if they cared about it. And frankly, their offer of "shared governance" sounds very much like an attempted power-play over Amazon Inc.

If they intended to use the name, they should have sought full ownership early and aggressively.

@LenieBlue The names of the local rivers should not be the exclusive property of governemnts either. What if the austrian and romanian governments wanted to control the use of the word "Donau"? Or the egyptian governement wanted to sue Agatha Christie's estate for "Death on the Nile"?

@LenieBlue I thought that the general consensus is that geographic regions get shorthand two-letter suffixes where as the big verbal word suffixes get sold to the highest bidder?

@LenieBlue I wonder if they're going to start buying up land in the Amazon Basin soon.

@LenieBlue ICANN also granted .cat domain to Catalonia instead of, you know, actual cats.

@LenieBlue it'll all help draw trust to the world of freedoms and the trust of the many.
doesn't stop it from being a painfully sad process though

@LenieBlue fuck these corporations I hate this shit. alt dns 2020. all the good content should move off of the icann controlled dns side.

@LenieBlue Complete shit when Amazon is named after that region. >_< Gods i hate the world we live in.

Amazon you are too late!
Russian internet giant Yandex has received it's own root domain .yandex back in 2014:

Soon it starts allocating ".amazon" for its customers in AWS.
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