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catalog. For humans, intelligent machines, others (foreign civilizations including alien lives): lenieblue.com/protest-slogans-
Blood red version and made to measure wall also available for humans: pictorem.com/profile/lenie.blu

Les algorithmes, ces ennemis ?
Virginia Eubanks déplore 'l'automatisation des inégalités' à l'œuvre dans de nombreux programmes sociaux aux États-Unis, sous l'action d'algorithmes prétendument 'neutres'.

Incredible photo-essay: “Below are a series of photos that demonstrate the creativity and resilience of the Palestinian protesters demanding their rights in Gaza.” — The Gas Masks of the Great March of Return

Via @MahmoudRamsey

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In #Venezuela, pregnant women are going without adequate food or medical attention in the midst of a national economic emergency. The government insists on attributing the crisis to an external plot to overthrow it, while the opposition blames the administration for inefficiency and corruption.

We've teamed up with Efecto Cocuyo to investigate what is happening on the ground and how women are experiencing the healthcare system's collapse.

Check out the #HungerStories: occrp.org/en/timeofhunger/

TVE censura el vídeo en el que la secretaria de Estado de Comunicación dice "os jodéis" a los pensionistas ! vertele.eldiario.es/_77cfad2a via @vertele

HACK FINANCE - & - a new mailing list for artists, activists, hackers, journalists, and academics who creatively and critically intervene, investigate, and hack in the financial sector.
This mailing list is for sharing ideas, opportunities, and resources, not too technically.
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smile to vote® political physiognomy analytics Show more

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When people make the argument that privacy tools are unnessesary, they are speaking from a very privledged place where they don't have to worry about exploitation, violence or social stigmitization. This seems to be really lacking in the conversation about personal security and privacy.

On the flip side you hear people defend criminal activity, online trolling, abuse, etc on secure froms of communication as a nessesary evil for privacy to be secured.

Who is part of the sec community matters.

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data privacy, a phrasing that strikes all the right chords Show more

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right, biometric identification for targeted advertising, plus I'm gonna predict a touch of algorithmically automated body-shaming

"Amazon Studies Body Sizes to Get That Perfect Clothing Fit
The online retail giant is inviting people to New York to measure them with a 3-D body scanner"


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pseudo-science Show more

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10 ans de prison. Il risque 10 ans de prison pour une ligne de commande/code qui lui a permis d'accéder à des dossiers publiquement diffusés par le gouvernement sur une plateforme dédié au partage public de documents. Je. suis. malade.

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'Algorithms of Oppression'
Safiya Umoja Noble

'Burning out digital colonialism'
Solana Larsen
Renata Avila
Luis Carlos Diaz
Andres Guadamuz

'Forensic Architecture- Data against Devilry'
Eyal Weizman

'Whose Future? Automation anxiety, ecological apocalypse, and the struggle for the future of labor'
Peter Frase

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surveillance, women, Aadhaar Show more