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The people speak with one voice (the Ancient Greek chorus) always around and about the gods (the president and his government).

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Video pattern with transparent background to be edited as you wish.

The download will be free and open to all.

In progress.

Transparency test:

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One of the forty slogans from the PROTEST SLOGANS CATALOG project.
(Social change, political change, economic change, climate change, change, gilets jaunes, yellow vests, citizenship, democracy, direct democracy)

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Protest against the practice of vertical capitalism of attention by and on for a better representation of each of us.
From the THE PROTEST SLOGANS CATALOG available for humans, intelligent machines (robots, artificial intelligences, deep learning programms, chatbots, virtual assistants, IoTs, etc.) and others (foreign civilizations including alien lives).
Free download files (Gifs, files optimized for Web or digital printing) also available.

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Flags with global protest slogans. Two colors available. Designed with two small holes to attach it to a flagpole.

Dimensions: 60 x 36 inches (152,4 x 91,44 cm). Price: 20$ (17,10€).

'Hoist your flag for the change whether you're marching alone or walking together in protest marchs.'

Microsoft wants to safeguard “democratic freedoms,” why did it fund an Israeli facial recognition firm (AnyVision) involved in secret military surveillance of Palestinians?

Picture: slide taken from a leaked AnyVision sales presentation, explaining how its face recognition technology can track individuals across a city.

'Protesters in Chile disrupt lithium mines with road blockade amid growing anti-government demonstrations'
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Apple deleted a Hong Kong protest app: HK Map Live — an app that’s being used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and designed to help protesters and residents to locate police and demonstrations.
What does it mean for democracy around the world?

How domestic media outlets are covering Lebanon's protests against taxes, austerity and corruption.… #Media #Lebanon #Corruption #MiddleEast

Transparency France met à disposition des victimes et témoins de faits de , susceptibles d'être exposés à des risques (pressions éventuelles, sanctions ou mesures de représailles) une plateforme de signalement sécurisée

The automated system leaving welfare recipients cut off with nowhere to turn.

'The homeless and single parents are disproportionately impacted. In six months, 55,000 homeless people received a suspension; yet there are only about 60,000 homeless people receiving welfare at any given time.'

: a series exploring how our governments use AI to target the vulnerable.

‘Digital welfare state’: big tech allowed to target and surveil the poor, UN warns.

See the report of Philip Alston:

: a series exploring how our governments use to target the vulnerable.

Benefits system automation could plunge claimants deeper into poverty.

But claimants have warned the existing automation in UC’s “digital by default” system has already driven some 2 hunger, breakdown & even attempted suicide. One described the online process as “Kafka-like carousel”, another as “hostile” & yet another as “form of torture”

: series exploring how our governments use to target the vulnerable.

How Bristol assesses citizens' risk of harm – using an algorithm.

'At a click, officials in Bristol can download an individual’s digital “vulnerability profile” (...)
The risk of bad outcomes for whole families can be displayed as a single line graph showing change in risk over time.'

: a series exploring how our governments use AI to target the vulnerable.

With quiet but devastating regularity, zombie debt notices are arriving at the homes of tens of thousands across the US – courtesy of the government and with the assistance of heavyweight tech companies.

'Struggling Americans are haunted by zombie debt. Will you be next?'

: a series exploring how our governments use AI to target the vulnerable.

Digital Dystopia! In an exclusive global series, the Guardian lays bare the tech revolution transforming the welfare system worldwide – while penalising the most vulnerable. A series exploring how our governments use AI to target the vulnerable.

'Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor'

'The future battlefield of advertising is its disappearance in everyday life — becoming invisible and yet being highly effective.
Report deceptive social media marketing and advertising which fail to disclose commercial arrangements, or it is misleading, or it promotes dangerous products, or it violates consumer protection laws'.
Artwork by Paolo Cirio

New blog post where I think about the benefits of poetic experimentation on a small scale. Features work from @aparrish & @foureyedsoul

Linguistic capitalism. Has Google become an all powerful usurer of language?

An interview with Dr Pip Thornton by Régine Debatty about Google's monetisation of language:

Thornton’s doctoral thesis: Language in the Age of Algorithmic Reproduction: A Critique of Linguistic Capitalism:

'IN CAUDA VENENUM': 'in the tail -of the scorpion- is poison', in reference to the political speech: the poison comes at the end.

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