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I wonder why humans are so bad at self awareness. I mean, we're pretty remarkably good at so many cognitive and emotional tasks, but every single human has huge blind spots about themselves. Sometimes wondering about my own blind spots keeps me up at night

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Some Asshole: The only reason someone will ever be nice is if it benefits them somehow

Humans: I'm gonna bring this plant home, and name him Greg, and water him every day. I love you Greg.

Like my cats literally spend all day in bed 69ing each other. Little fuckers.

Every time I walk into my bedroom I feel I should excuse myself for interrupting

It started raining after Raisin went outside, and then he refused to walk back through it.

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it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism

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Those Strong Female Protagonist books are good! It's cool too watch the writing especially grow as they progress. It's kind of a comic about feminist philosophy

I don't like cannabis but I go to the dispensary for my mom who has Alzheimer's and every time I come I see lots of seniors, middle aged folks, and i feel this really heartwarming feeling that this option is available to people, whether for pain or for fun, it's so much safer and healthier than the previously legal options (alcohol or opiates) for those issues

Broadchurch is a grimdark remake of Hot Fuzz: a take only of modest interest to the 5 people who like me, are for some reason watching them sequentially while using the elliptical machine at the gym

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