I gave my FSA a service ledger and they still denied my claim. Because guess what? My dental insurance provider’s copay wasn’t initially reflected on my bill. So now, I have to get an updated bill from the dentist and get information from my provider about the other amount that didn’t get covered.

**sighs heavily**

@KyokiKafuka I'd call the FSA directly and ask them exactly what they want for a claim. Be sure to get the agent's name, employee number and phone case number, if applicable.

If they deny it again, call back brandishing the identification of the agent and demand to speak with a supervisor. Tell them that if you aren't allowed to spend your own money, you'll close your FSA and go to the media to tell everyone how awful they are.

I'm so sorry this is happening... I support you all the way!! <3

@ayachan I’ll be sure to do exactly that when worse comes to worse. Thanks. ❤️

@KyokiKafuka Sounds good. <3 Just make sure you do call them to get the info I mentioned in my first paragraph before filing another claim.

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