If you're a city elite that's pissed off about rural areas voting Red with reckless abandon...

Remember what Kikuchiyo said about the Samurai.

Happy Halloween, everyone!! <3 I hope you are all having an absolutely fantastic time, no matter what your plans for today involve. ^_^ <3 <3

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we change, we experience, we fuck up, we rollback, we learn and we retry with more knowledge. that's our ever changing nature. and the day it will stop mutating will be the end of humanity

so when i hear about "human nature" or "natural is better" or "we've always done that so we're supposed to" i just... no. absolutely not. not a million years ago, not now, not tomorrow. we define our own nature. that's our thing. that's what we've always done. that's what makes us humans.

i consider humanity as this thing that is just conscious enough to exponentially become more powerful and be aware of its own evolution - basically we can become anything with time, not just organisms meant to reproduce and die. we have the potential to control physics and reality itself, as much as we can define our own goals, and we're our own unique enemy and also so little away to whatever we define as gods. that's my humanist side. there's no limit once we're aware of it.

slightly different topic but i always tend to consider things "for humanity" more than "for me" or "for my generation". everything that is possible for me is boring as fuck and everything that inspires me is technically possible for humanity

source: Girls Log Vol.2: Kyuri Illustration Works 2012 Winter Collection

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