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So...alongside my BBF @ayachan I have made a second account on Things will get more personal there. I have this instance for general stuff I meander about.

The weekend is here again!! And you all know what that means...~ <3 *poses with @KyokiKafuka *

Ladies, gentlemen and enbies!! <3 Today is Friday, the 23rd of February, 2018!! And with that, I would like to announce:

Your Party-Partner...Kyokiโ€‹!!
Your Bringer-of-Fun...Ayaโ€‹!!

We are here!! To...


PARTY๏ผPARTY๏ผTGIF ใ€œ้€ฑๆœซใฎใƒ˜ใƒ‰ใƒ‹ใ‚บใƒ ้ƒจใ€œ

*pyrotechnics, loud bass-drops and confetti fill the air*

Iโ€™m looking for protagonists that are kind and empathic and donโ€™t just resort to always punching stuff

The first ones that came to mind:
Breq (Ancillary series)
many/most characters in VA11 HALL-A
Jela (Crystal Dragon/Crystal Soldier)

What / who else?

@Yuki_G_t9tK @KyokiKafuka :'3 <3 Thanks, Yuki. I know that this is what people here feel and that's why I posted it. I wanted to explain to everyone what has been going on. This includes Kyoki, my bestest best friend ever, who has also supported me throughout all of this.

*huggies back and clings* I love you so much. <3 <3

@ayachan @KyokiKafuka

*hugs and holds you tight* My dear precious Aya-chan; I love you so very much and i'm really proud of you for telling all of us how you feel. I'm sure the Fediverse understands and others in this instance (and others) that have followed you like Kyoki. "Take care of yourself" is something I see every now and then from some of your follwers. There is much love for you here and I see it daily <3.

I shouldn't have to say this here. I really shouldn't. But I think I am going to have to say it.

Check your privilege!

If you're in a good enough place to ignore or be unaware of challenges presented by things such as homelessness, having utilities shut off and not being able to eat enough food every day, you must consider that there are far many more people out there who worry about stuff like this each and every day of their lives.

We're all trying to work for a better future. This will only be possible if people step outside of their own experiences and look at the struggles around us.

Check your d***** privilege.

Thank you.

I wrote a new blog post: How to start a Mastodon server (The non-technical parts)

Anyone who tells you they "don't have an agenda" doesn't know what an agenda is.

i'm going to take the controversial stance that absolutely no javascript i have encountered in my life has made anything better. in fact it seems to make everything much worse.


Time is running out to preserve #NetNeutrality .

All those who are able need to call Congress and demand that they support Net Neutrality. Time is running out; if we canโ€™t get a vote, the repeal will become official in April!!

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

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