#YellowVests aftermath:

- 250 sites affected
- At least 6 buildings burned
- 30 vehicles destroyed
- Several faci… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1074707041057292288

I felt 500 characters in English is much less than of in Japanese...

"The Russian, Chinese and Cuban revolutions were made by people who were vital for the economy, but who lacked political power; in 2016, Trump and Brexit were supported by many people who still enjoyed political power, but who feared that they were losing their economic worth. Perhaps in the twenty-first century populist revolts will be staged not against an economic elite that exploits people, but against an economic elite that does not need them any more.
21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Pollution threatens the future of killer whales

"Killer whales, or orcas, are top predators so they absorb all the PCB pollution taken in by the different prey in their food chain - from fish, right up to seals and sharks.

The PCBs stunt the ovaries of female orcas, limiting their ability to produce calves. The chemicals also suppress the immune system"

Now we have this much series of chocolate mint ice creams! :blobcat:

As one friend put it, "Kimoiii, why do you like toothpaste flavoured chocolates?"

It wasn't until I started hanging out with Japanese friends that I realised how weird mint as a flavour could be considered.

"A senior North Korean official has lashed out at France [...] saying Paris must abandon its own atomic weapons first". Gosh it's pretty reasonable... thelocal.fr/20170909/north-kor

From yesterday bunch of Chinese people, mostly artists and their fans have migrated to Pawoo (Instance) from Weibo (twitter-like SNS). They are frustrated with recently revised cite policy which claims copy rights of posted artworks.

Girls post photographs and otaku upload drawings on SNS everyday. I didn't know this many people would have creative nature.

They say 10 thousands of users have newly got their account on Pawoo (Mastodon instance) on yesterday alone. Mastodon have been experiencing a second Japanese invasion.

Unless they are under suppression, it seems Jews have no interests in persecution and discrimination.

This may sound sarcastic but keeping the Comfort women issue unsolved and remaining on the table would be the best strategy for South Korea.

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