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I want to draw the self I imagine myself to be but I have no artistic skills whatsoever.

The tune of "Religious as Hell" but change the lyrics to "Hungry as Hell" cause I forgot to bring lunch and breakfast.

I FINALLY got to start my hands on final and, aside from a hiccup where my partner used the login local command instead of the login command while setting up the console password on a switch, it went pretty smoothly. We're more than halfway done so we should get done on Wednesday.

tired: matching bra and underwear to each other
wired: matching your whole outfit to your bra and underwear

It's easy when you only wear black.

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There's one group of therapists in town I've looked into that specializes in ADD but they list Autism Speaks as a resource for autism on their website and I've not heard good things about them, so I question their credibility as people working with neurodivergent people. I've also looked over their FB page and they've said some pretty gross things regarding gender/gender roles.

Hm, according to the school's FAQ, to receive assistance for disabilities, they have to have documentation, and my psychiatrist's office won't fill that out as office policy. Maybe I can find a therapist in a different office over the break and see if they can do that for me.

Tbh, if I got to choose between college and self-study knowing how college is going for me now, I would choose self-study. It would b harder in some ways but I could have paced myself in a way that came more naturally to me instead of struggling to understand technical details of how things work and trying to remember commands.

This final is either pass or fail and is 30% of my grade. Uuuuuuuuugh.

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I finally get to do my goddamn hands on final for my routing and switching class god

So I may have to stay up for two days straight to ger this homework done. Oooooooooh boyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Imagine being so dedicated to your alternative subculture that you buy a black skull seat for your poop throne.

I can't imagine being that goth

Tbh I'm interested in polytheism lately, not cause I've seen evidence of any gods or are convinced they exist, but because the idea is personally useful to me.

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