Happy New Year, everyone. May it be better than last year.

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Yesterday was supposed to be the kid's first day at her new school, but she was sick. So take two today. She's a bit nervous.

We got a random catalog for American Girl dolls. Those damn things are $115, and then there's all the accessories! It's completely insane. I know some kids that have them, and one of the most mind-boggling things to me is that there are salons inside some of the brick-and-mortar stores so you can buy a freaking SPA DAY. For a DOLL. Fuck that noise. That catalog just went in the recycling bin.

That's weird, my timeline goes back to three days ago, then jumps to October 16th.

Image description: a cat's claws are slicing down a small imp's back. The imp is splitting open and beginning to smoke.

It's not every day you're jolted awake by lunch delivering itself.

Image description: a cat on a pillow startled awake by a mouse emerging from a hole in the wall.

Image description: an elephant charging, dust clouds flying up from the ground.

Image description: a barrel cactus with tiny windows and a door, with an even tinier face glaring out of one of the windows. The door mat says GO AWAY.

Image description: a short bearded man chops firewood, while the forest just beyond seems offended.

Image description: A dark room with a single lit candle and a bed in the corner. The occupant of the bed is asleep, so will have no idea who left the trail of muddy footprints that approach the bed, then turn away and leave again through the door.

Image description: an inattentive market-goer is about to have his coin pouch cut free to a small cloaked figure with a knife at the edge of an alley.

Image description: a drain grate in a tile floor, black tentacles creeping through.

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