Holy shit... We went to update youtube-dl and got an error saying it couldn't find the current version.

So we went to download it manually from the site and found this.

Google fucking did a DMCA takedown to make GitHub pull youtube-dl.


I mean, thankfully, we had already downloaded the latest version (2020-09-20 according to their site, yt-dl.org, which is still up) on our phone, so we could copy it from there.

We just hadn't updated the copy on our desktop in a while and so that's how we found this.

And on that note, if anyone else needs the latest version, here. We uploaded it elsewhere:

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Yeah... Judging by the notice, it wasn't Google, but rather, the RIAA, who basically told GitHub to take down the entire thing because a few images of their videos being used as examples in youtube-dl's readme file.

Sorry for the false accusation towards Google (they're still shit in plenty of other ways, though) but yeah. Seems music corporations are just doing their usual "spend exorbitant amounts of money to make sure people in poverty can't have fun" bullshit.


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By RIAA's logic, if an OS component such as a video/audio codec loses its license, either due to expiry or whatever, the entire OS can legally be taken down under the DMCA, potentially bricking countless computers in the process.

Fuck that bullshit.

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Maybe I'm being facetious, but it's only because the RIAA themselves are being just as facetious.

If we have to take their bullshit claims about implementing Fair Use abilities into a DRM that restricts such Fair Use somehow violating the DMCA, then we have every right to make fun of their bullshit claims with the same level of exaggeration.

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@KitsuneAlicia by the RIAA's logic, linux is a pirate system for having *checks notes* DVD support

@fenny "Floppy disks and VHS tapes are pirate media for having write tabs you can tape over." -RIAA

@fenny @KitsuneAlicia yes, this is the exact reason a lot of distros don't ship libdvdcss as standard

@aeonofdiscord @KitsuneAlicia thanks for reminding me what it's called so now i can download the illegal methods of playing the DVDs that i purchased with my dollars, because apparently *that* part doesn't matter

@aeonofdiscord @KitsuneAlicia

capitalists: "if you want to watch my media you have to buy it"
me: "seems sus but ok" *buys media*
capitalists: "okay but you're noT USING MY CORPORATE-APPROVED WAY OF WATCHING IT YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON THE ~experience~"
corporate-approved way: *tiny corner of screen is the media, everything else is an ad for Arbys*

This is just a silly move. What next, DMCA curl, chromium, firefox etc? Youtube-dl had become a generalist tool and works outside of YouTube. Whatever argument they have is weak.

It package is still on PyPI... At least for now.


@KitsuneAlicia I don't think that's the substance of the complaint: they're pointing to the example videos and comments on the repo as evidence that youtube-dl is primarily intended as a tool for copyright infringement

@aeonofdiscord Copyright infringement which doesn't apply to personal use or other Fair Use cases, which youtube-dl is primarily intended for and literally everyone knows that.

@aeonofdiscord They attempt to ignore it by saying "the YouTube Standard license, which expressly restricts access to copyrighted works only for streaming on YouTube and prohibits their further reproduction or distribution without consent of the copyright owner"

as if streaming from local caches isn't a thing that literally every browser does (which are themselves OSes in a very real sense) and various media players like VLC also do.

Hence what we said.

@KitsuneAlicia yeah given the weird precedents around copying software from disk into memory potentially any of that stuff could be in violation unless given explicit license I guess? practicality doesn't seem to enter into it much

@KitsuneAlicia ah yeah, afaik it's not actually quite copyright infringement here: it's violation of the anticircumvenion clause, which doesn't have a fair-use exemption

@aeonofdiscord If the DRM restricts fair use, then circumvention measures that add that functionality cannot be prosecuted under the DMCA. Simple as that.

If anything, the RIAA should be going after Google for setting up their DRM to violate Fair Use clauses, not picking on the people adding that functionality back in.

@aeonofdiscord Or at least, it should be that way. Dunno the actual legal precedent behind it.

@KitsuneAlicia @aeonofdiscord YouTube-DL doesn't circumvent DRM. It's some idiot issuing a takedown without understanding what takedown notices can be properly used for. Counterclaim should be filed, and RIAA'S sub-sub-contractor can fuck off.

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