in light of how certain transphobic authors continue to be unable to shut up, remember its not good enough to just condemn transphobic artists. you gotta also promote the work of the trans artists you like and give us the visibility that transphobes don't want us to reach.

you can help support me, an indigenous fantasy romance writer:

or @ArtistMarciaX who kinda does it all AND skateboards:

and @guerrillarain aka callisto is a dark fantasy writer who will need beta readers soon!:

there's also Aiden Thomas, author of Cemetery Boys

Kacen Callender author of Felix Ever After

Mark Oshiro, author of Each of Us A Desert

Victoria Lee author of the Feverwake Series

dunking on transphobes is easy, but what about amplifying our voices instead?

if you have other trans authors, esp disabled and trans authors of color to promote, please do so right here in this thread!

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@popstar Not a person of color, but we're a plural trans writer.

All our stuff involves trans girls as the main protagonist, though most is incomplete atm. However, we have one major set of stories that we do plan on completing.

The Shadow is a trilogy of novellas centered around a dark magical girl of the same name, the first of which is already finished and published on our site. (Mind the cws)

@KitsuneAlicia tracks our updates and the site is:

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