Some people will spend all their time posting dismal takes on things and finding the most negative ways to look at the world. And then wonder why they feel depressed and shitty so often.

These things are linked. Believe me, I know.

Talk about things you love sometimes, too. That would be nice.

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@InvaderXan Seconded. And we'd add that finding silver linings in the shitty things can help too.

And you don't need to do that at the expense of the shittiness, either. Acknowledge the shit, then acknowledge how you still have something you can rebuild from.

Or, to use a plant analogy, acknowledge the shit is there, but also acknowledge that there's a seed underneath that with some help, can grow into something far better.

@KitsuneAlicia I feel like it's the culture everywhere on the internet that people focus more on the shit than anything else. Sometimes, it seems like it's hard to even talk about things which you like without adding a disclaimer.

It feels... not good.

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