acab, fuck cop unions 

Unions are a method to organize the power of the proletariat in an attempt to equalize it to more effectively combat the disproportionate individual power of the bourgeoisie.

Refusing to recognize cop unions as legitimate completely falls in line with communist and especially anarcho-communist ideology because cop unions don't organize the proletariat. They organize the bourgeoisie's protectors.

acab, fuck cop unions 

All cops are bastards, and that includes the organizations they use to make their oppression of the proletariat more effective.

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acab, fuck cop unions 

@KitsuneAlicia fun fact

As far as I know, there is no thing as cop unions here.

Because cops are also banned from being able to strike, as they're employed by the state

acab, fuck cop unions 

@maxine Something something choosing to be a public servant something something subject to public scrutiny something something *actually* serving the public.

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