I'm probably real late to this but Poison Ivy should totally be a leftist super hero.



@InvaderXan @emsenn Fuck, yes!

"The world can't survive without the bees, but the world will never miss a greedy CEO." - Poison Ivy

@InvaderXan @emsenn Seriously, though, these pictures perfectly explain the concept of defense vs murder.

To be considered a "killer" is dependent on how you define the word. Society, thanks to the ruling class' propaganda, defines "killer" as "a human that directly murders another human".

But Poison Ivy defines "killer" as "the one that attempts to kill first". It doesn't have the human qualifier, but it does have a stipulation that excludes defensive kills.

@KitsuneAlicia @InvaderXan Throwback to my thread last week pointing out how I think "aggression" is always bad but "violence" isn't necessarily bad.

@emsenn @InvaderXan Also, we use this concept in The Shadow, but with a different word. When you read the first story, near the end, she uses the word "people" to describe not just herself, but every human, demon, and monster in the world.

Her opponent laughs, believing she used the term wrong.

This concept will become more and more prevalent and will encompass the "defense vs murder" thing above as the trilogy goes on.

@KitsuneAlicia @InvaderXan @emsenn Police: *put the Punisher's symbol on their car*

ComicBros: "Yeah!"

Poison Ivy: *kills a CEO who's destroying the planet with capitalism*

ComicBros: "You can't just kill people you disagree with."


Well shit. To all the people boosting ours, we don't deserve it. The one we posted has been posted numerous times in the past. The ones @InvaderXan posted are much more worthy of being boosted, as this is honestly the first time we've seen them posted anywhere.

The concept is more important too, tbh -- especially the way the word "killer" is used in the first one. That message needs to get out far more than the message in ours.

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