Fedi feature idea: "Reason we muted/blocked" optional text field for when we block users and instances so that when we go to see they're blocked months/years down the road, we can remember why the heck we blocked them in the first place.

@KitsuneAlicia admins already have this for instance blocks
probably wouldnt be that hard to implement for normal user blocks! :3

@KitsuneAlicia Wanted this for so many years on all services... I can't believe things are still as halfarsedly implemented as they are across the board.

@KitsuneAlicia i generally use the "resolve with note" for that, but that's really just a workaround and idk how thatd work with a multi-person mod team

@KitsuneAlicia I was thinking this just yesterday like, "I have no idea who you are, but I guess I must've muted you for a good reason?"

@KitsuneAlicia with a checkbox to (optionally?) make the note visible to the blocked person, so they know why they've been blocked, and can improve if they want

@LunaDragofelis Honestly? We wouldn't suggest doing that because we can see it being used to further abusive behavior.

Besides, if they really wanted to improve, the reason likely would've come up in the conversation itself -- before the block was initiated.

@KitsuneAlicia At least on the birdsite, I'm blocked by MANY people I don't remember ever interacting with. I'd really like to know why they blocked me.

@LunaDragofelis We've experienced the same thing both on birdsite and here, but we don't think it's worth the risk of someone leaving a nasty surprise message for their abuse targets.

We'd rather not risk people's emotional health just to make ourselves a little more comfortable.

@KitsuneAlicia maybe another checkbox "show block notes" on the other side, that could be disabled to not see the block note? Idk

@LunaDragofelis @KitsuneAlicia imo this shouldn't be a federated thing but a local instance thing (so it's synced between apps) and shouldn't be part of mute/block list but user profiles. just add a note for yourself to any user, blocked or not.

@behold3r @KitsuneAlicia That's also a good idea, separate from block notes that the blocked person will see on the "you're blocked" message.

@LunaDragofelis @KitsuneAlicia in our experience most blocks come from people reading your profile or by onlookers, not people who you were talking to. stopping potential abusive behavior could come from some amount of anonymization, like only telling you by email and once a day (so if you were blocked 5 times in one day you'd get 1 email at the end of the day with 5 reasons) with the names redacted. you can't chase after people who blocked you, or at least, it'll be harder.
just a thought, but i can still understand being against it.

@BoxSystem @KitsuneAlicia How I intend block notes to work, is that they get displayed in addition to the "you are blocked" message, so they would only show if I went to the account page of someone who blocked me

@KitsuneAlicia I've wanted this so much. Did I mute you for un-cwed content? Did I mute you because you were obsessed with something for a week and I forgot to unmute you? I just want to know if I'd regret unmuting you

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