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On a tangentially-related note:

@KitsuneAlicia @DissidentKitty the sugar thing is mostly a myth, unfortunately

Sugared concrete does set, it just takes longer, and it requires a lot more sugar than that (.2 sugar, aka 4 pounds per ton, will slow the setting rate by about 9-11 hours. You can read papers on this as its a technique used by actual construction workers when they need more time to work the concrete before it sets)

@Satsuma Shucks. At least it's still useful in combination with other tactics. Slow the setting enough to where you can come back later and knock it all down.

Hit-and-run stuff like that is a key part of guerrilla warfare, which is the most common (and most successful) way anarchists have historically combatted fascism and totalitarianism.

@Satsuma @KitsuneAlicia @DissidentKitty I want to point out 4lbs per ton doesn't seem like that much sugar but one ton of concrete is really really not very much. Basically, bring a LOT of sugar

@Satsuma Just gonna throw my two-cents in and say that in a big construction project, a 9 hour delay can upset the entire timetable and give workers an opportunity for a slowdown or to implement other forms of sabotage, beyond the concrete (pun intended) consequence of wasting "money". @KitsuneAlicia @DissidentKitty

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